Woolaston Entertainment’s Silver Anniversary

This December marks Woolaston Entertainment’s 25th Anniversary! While the website has been up and running since 2009, W.E. itself has been around since 1994. To celebrate the occasion, I’m working on a brand new book: Woolaston Entertainment Presents 25: Celebrating the Best 25 Things About Woolaston Entertainment. I’m covering the best things that make W.E. what it is, from the artwork and the comics to the books and characters. I hope to have it available by mid December, and I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it. 

I’m steadily working on “25”

Woolaston Entertainment

Goodbye, Microsoft Word

No one likes to see a relationship come to an end. Especially a long-standing relationship. But, you know the old saying: “All good things must come to an end”. I’ve had a relationship with Microsoft Word for YEARS. I’m pretty sure it started sometime during my middle school years. We’ve been good friends. Then, something went wrong.

My nine-year-old Dell laptop was on its last leg, in terms of battery life. The battery lost the ability to hold a charge, and the laptop would only function if it was plugged in. Plus, my version of Microsoft Word, was horribly outdated. I finally broke down and purchased a new laptop: a Chromebook, by Acer. There’s just one problem: it didn’t come with Word. Apparently, this is a trend among tech manufacturers. Laptops used to come with Word, and other Microsoft programs. Now, those programs need to be purchased separately. Plus, this is a Chromebook we’re talking about, so I understood. But, even the HP and Dell laptops I looked at, didn’t have Word. My new laptop was only $149…I wasn’t about to shell out an extra $200 for Word. The $149 had already set me back.  Instead, I did two things:

  1. Got a subscription to the Word App via Google Play, so I could continue to open my Word files at home.
  2. Forced myself to become acclimated with Google Docs.

Word cost me $7.61 a month ($6.99 plus tax). Sales from my online store were taking care of that plus the cost of hosting each month, so W.E. was basically paying for it’s own services. However, once I got into Google Docs (I mean, really got into it), I decided, maybe it was time to say goodbye to Word. So, I did. The cord has been cut. 

Of course, I still download my work from Google and save it on a flash drive, but its nice to know everything is available to me online, whether I’m at home or on a computer at work. Of course, some of the margins I use for the manuscripts of the books I publish needed to be adjusted, but hey: nothing worth having is ever easy to obtain. 

Woolaston Entertainment

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Continues!

I had a few people email me yesterday (much obliged, btw!) about the sale on Woolaston Entertainment’s website. All W.E. books are 25% off in honor of W.E.’s 25th anniversary. While that sale was scheduled to end tonight, Cyber Monday, I’ve been asked if I can extend it. My answer: yes! Orders that were placed over the weekend will be shipped tomorrow. All other orders will be shipped by the end of the week. So, the sale will continue until Saturday, December 7. Enjoy!

Woolaston Entertainment Online Store

Birthday Wisdom

My birthday was on Sunday, December 1st. In the days leading up to this joyous occasion, I began to think about my life; where I’ve been and where I’d like to go, things that have happened, etc. I suppose I should pass along some nuggets of wisdom, for people who are younger than me. So, here it goes.

When I woke up on the morning of my thirtieth birthday, I felt a mild sense of panic. I thought, “Oh God, I’m thirty! I’m single! What do I do now?” I had ended a long term relationship about a year and a half prior to this, and there weren’t any prospects on the horizon. Then I got over the shock, enjoyed my birthday, and moved on. In fact, that’s what I’ve done with every birthday since then. 

June 2018
Yes world, this is me. 

My little nugget of wisdom is simply this: live your life the way you want to live it. We set goals for ourselves, and we have such high expectations of where we’re supposed to be at certain stages of our lives. When we don’t achieve those goals or meet our own expectations, we begin to feel like failures. I had to teach myself to get over this.

live your life the way you want to live it

I don’t need to impress anyone. I don’t owe anyone an explanation of my life. All I need to do, is wake up each morning, be the best me I can be, do no harm to others, and just live my life. When I woke up yesterday on my birthday, I decided not to put any pressure on myself. I’m past that point where every birthday needs to be celebrated fabulously (thirty-seven isn’t a milestone, but forty will be). I spent the day with my mother, eating  Thanksgiving leftovers and watching football. The gifts I ordered online are on their way, and I’ll celebrate when payday rolls around again. My Patriots lost, but Julian Edelman got a touchdown, which is what I wanted, so that’s my little b-day gift. Thank you, Jules.

Aside from my birthday, it’s also Woolaston Entertainment’s birthday. My creation is twenty-five, and I’d like to think over the years, we’ve gotten better together. 

Woolaston Entertainment


Black Friday/Shop Small Sale

Three wonderful things are happening this weekend. Today is Black Friday, tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, and Sunday is Woolaston Entertainment’s 25th Anniversary. In honor of these three events, I’m having a sale on my website’s online store! All W.E. books are 25% OFF now thru Monday night, December 2. So head over to the Store on Woolaston Entertainment and check out the books! 

NaNoWriMo: Creative Nonfiction

Greetings, folks! It’s still November, so it’s still NaNoWriMo. I hosted a Creative Nonfiction Workshop on Nov 14, for seven people (not bad for an introvert who doesn’t like speaking in front of groups, eh?)

We had a wonderful discussion about what CNF is, and we looked at some examples. Memoirs are among my favorite forms of CNF. I read Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine when I was in middle school, and back then I had no idea it was actually a memoir from the author’s childhood. Stephen King, one of my favorite authors, uses a lot of his personal experiences in his writing. “The Body”, the short story that was adapted into the film, Stand By Me, is an example of this. When King was a child, he and his friends really did discover a dead body. 

Of course, not every CNF book is completely honest. Take for example, A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, published in 2003. This moving piece of literature about a man who overcomes alcohol and drug addiction won the hearts of readers all across America, including Oprah Winfrey. Oprah invited James to be a guest on her show. Eventually, someone did a little research, and exposed James as a fraud. Most of the info in the book was either made up or exaggerated. Instead of spending weeks in jail, he apparently only spent a few hours, and so on. 

Should CNF be honest? I’d like to think so. But the title of the genre is tricky. Creative makes you think along the lines of things that are made-up, while Nonfiction leads you to believe, the information is completely true. Put them together, and they almost sound like an oxymoron. CNF is telling a true story in a way that is engaging. It’s almost like the difference between a story on your local news channel, vs a story on Dateline.  Your local news will be very cut and dry, and straight forward. They give you the facts, and then they move on to the next story. Dateline, on the other hand, draws you in, and makes the details of the story more interesting. Sure, facts are still facts, but they’re being presented in a way that makes them interesting, and not just mere facts. 

If you’re considering writing a CNF of your own, here’s a list of great books to look at from Bookriot.com :

Creative Nonfiction Books

Have a happy NaNoWriMo!