Valentine Month Promotion #3

We have arrived at week 3 of my Valentine Month Promotions. The first two were very successful, and I owe that success to my readers. Thank you for downloading copies of my books. I hope you enjoy them, and you can always ask me questions about them, on this blog, or on my website.

New cover of Valentine

Promotion #3 kicks off today, February 18. This time, instead of ebooks, I’m promoting paperbacks. Between today and Feb 20 (3 days only), you can get a FREE copy of the Valentine paperback! All you need to do, is pay for the shipping, and that’s only $1.00 USD. 

So, I’m waiving the cost of the book, and only asking for $1 in shipping, and you can get a copy of Valentine! I have copies on hand, and can easily order more if necessary. After the promotion is complete, copies will be mailed out the following week. 

Be sure to visit the Store on W.E.’s site to get your copy!


My Review of “Smash!” by Ian Winwood

A friend recommended this book to me, because I’m a huge Green Day fan. I have to say, this book did not disappoint me at all. I gained a greater appreciation for the Offspring, Nofx and Bad Religion, who I will admit, I didn’t know very much about.



There are over ten years worth of interviews in this book. I enjoyed reading the stories and personal accounts of the members of the bands, their managers and the people behind the record labels.  I also learned the truth behind Green Day’s expulsion from Gilman Street. Honestly, if I had been in their shoes, I would have made the same decision. Their fallout with Gilman Street, led to one of the greatest punk albums ever recorded: American Idiot. No independent label could have produced such a record. I’ve read other books on 1990’s punk, but I like the way the way the author focused on these particular bands, and their labels. Ian Winwood outdid himself with this one. If you’re a fan of punk rock, this book is definitely worth reading.

Smash!: Green Day, the Offspring, Rancid, Nofx, and the ’90s Punk Explosion

Valentine Month Promotion #2

There’s 1 day left for the Valentine Month Promotion #2! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded a book so far! I’m glad you participated and I hope you enjoy the books. Promotion #3 will begin on Monday, so I’ll keep you posted!

For free book details, check out, and click on the Lola Vencent and Jo Fuentes buttons in blue!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ah, February 14th. Valentine’s Day. The most romantic day of the year…unless you’re single, which I happen to be. Now, this could be a very depressing day, or it can be a happy one, depending on how you approach it. I decided to just be good to myself. So, I treated myself to lunch. At my day job at a tuxedo shop, a client sent the female employees flowers, so I received a bouquet of roses. This weekend, I’m going to buy myself some art supplies and work on a few projects, and  spend some time at my local book store.  I’m going to use this holiday to appreciate me. After all, who can treat me better, than me?

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks.

Rock N Role Model: a snippet

I unwrapped a cherry cordial Hershey’s kiss, and popped it into my mouth, and gave a sigh of satisfaction. I love these things. They’re the perfect combination of chocolate and cherry. They have a cherry-flavored filling in the center, instead of one of those gross artificial cherries. I looked around the room at my bandmates: my husband Rob, my friends Nick and Aidan. Rob was reading the latest issue of Modern Drummer Magazine. Nick was busy scribbling lyrics in a notebook, while Aidan was scrolling through something on his phone. This is our moment of Zen, before the chaos begins.

Thank You!

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who helped make Promotion #1 for Valentine Month a success! To everyone who downloaded a free copy of one of the books, I hope you enjoy reading them, and if you like, please post a review. Thank you again!

Promotion #2 starts on Monday! I’ll keep you posted!

Valentine Promotion #1

Valentine’s Day is coming, and what better way for me to celebrate, then by giving Valentines away? Literally, giving Valentine away? February 4-8, ebook versions of Valentine, Valentine 2: The Patron Saint and Allan and Mac will be available on Amazon for FREE! The Valentine series follows Val Entienne as she tries to protect the people she loves from the mobster-run organization known as The Syndicate. Allan and Mac is the first book in it’s sister series, Valentine Apart, which gives readers a more in-depth look at some of the characters apart from Val herself. Sample chapters are available on 

If you’ve never read the series or you’re not entirely familiar with the books, this is a great time to check them out. This is the first promotion for the month of February, and there will be more to come! 



Valentine 2:

Allan and Mac: