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Thursday, August 7, 2014: Chad Hofmann’s “Helena” and guest blogger @amyjedwards82



Greetings, folks! Welcome to the weekly blog.  This week, I’m reviewing another of Chad Hofmann’s works: “Helena”.  It’s a short story with a very interesting concept: a young man named Jack-o who has the ability to travel to different places and time period, simply by reading a book aloud.  In his quest to return to his own time and place (or his “book”, as he refers to it) jack-o finds himself fighting an evil prince and rescuing a princess.  It’s still a work in progress, but I believe it will be very interesting.


And now, a little something from guest blogger and fellow Tweeter, @amyjedwards82.…



“From Page to Screen: When Film Adaptations Fail You” by @amyjedwards82



Hi, people.  Long time reader, first time blogger.  I’ve been seeing a trend lately: take a popular or at least, well-known book, and create a film adaptation of it.  And why not? Disney has been doing it for years.  The majority of their full-length animated films are based on fairytales (Cinderella, Snow White, even Frozen, to name a few).  So, why not keep the party going? The only trouble is, when the film doesn’t live up to its literary predecessor.


Don’t get me wrong; there have been some good ones.  For example, the film, “The Green Mile” was just as good as the book (or novella, I believe).  So was “Secret Window” and “Fight Club”.  And I’m sure most of you have probably read and seen the entire “Twilight” series.  But, when the film doesn’t live up to the book, its just so disappointing.  My neighbor’s teen-aged daughter has read every “Mortal Instruments” and “Beautiful Creatures” book available.  However, she said the film adaptations weren’t that great (she used other choice words I won’t repeat here).  The film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s “The Giver” is about to hit the big screen, and I don’t think I wan to see it.  Not because it’s sort of a teen movie, but because I read “The Giver” in middle school, and the previews for the film seem a little different from what I read.  Yes, I know this is 2014, and the entertainment industry has to keep up with the times, especially when it comes to movies for younger audiences.  But I personally hate to see a story I’m familiar with get morphed into something else all together.


And this goes for remakes, too.  I’ve seen the original “Clash of the Titans”, and the remake wasn’t too good.  My friends and I sat in the theater after the movie had ended, along with everyone else, staring at the screen.  The credits were rolling.  Finally, some guy in the back yelled out, “Man that sucked! I want my money back! All of it!”  (again, choice words were used, but I’m keeping this clean).  The original film adaptation of “Rosemary’s Baby” was good.  The mini-series remake….eh.  Then, there are some books which I don’t think need to be made into movies.  For example (and you can hate me all you want to) “Fifty Shades of Gray”.  I haven’t read any of the books, and I have no intention of seeing the movie, because I saw it already….when it was called “Nine and A Half Weeks”.  Just my humble opinion.


PS: Dear Hollywood: Can you get off of planet Dystopian please? I don’t think we need another movie about a girl fighting to fit into a futuristic society,




Next week’s blog: Fortune’s Wing 3: Fortune’s Wing Flies Again.  Does the world really need to come to an end?


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