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Hello, everyone.  Long time no blog.  I know, but it’s hard to keep up with 3 Facebook pages, a website, blog, twitter and Instagram.  So, I have good news, for anyone who’s interested (and hopefully, you are).  Read Publishing is in the process of PRINTING my books.  They were only available as ebooks at first.  Now they are going to be available in print.  There will be a marketing campaign late this month. When I have more details I will ley you know.

Also, if there is anyone searching for a literary agent, I suggest reading the October issue of “Writer’s Digest”, which is available now.  There is an extensive list of agents, along with tips for submitting and what each one is looking for.  I posted a few names on my blog : .  See the September 3 posting.  Later.


Resources for Writers and “Twin Factor”

Wednesday, September 3, 2014: Resources for Writers & “Twin Factor”

Welcome back to the weekly blog! Here we are: the first week of September. Students are going back to school. Hopefully, they completed all of their summer reading (although I know for a fact several of them did not). This week’s blog should be a helpful one. Whenever I come across information I think would be helpful to my fellow writers out there, I like to share it. So, I’m going to post a list of Literary Agents, courtesy of an article in Writer’s Digest magazine.

Regina Brooks from Serendipity Literary Agency. New York, NY. Interested in Fiction for MG (Middle Grade) YA (young adult) commercial and children’s.

Amy Cloughley of Kimberley Cameron & Associates. San Francisco, CA. Interested in literary and upmarket fiction, mystery, women’s fiction, and narrative non-fiction .

John Cussick of Greenhouse Literary Agency. New York, NY. Interested in picture books, fiction for MG and YA (particularly for boys), thrillers, sci-fi and fresh fantasy.

Dawn Frederick of Red Sofa Literary. St. Paul, Minn. Interested in MG, YA and Graphic Novels. Also, Biography, creative non-fiction, and pop culture.

Andy Kifer of The Gernert Company. New York, NY. Interested in literary fiction, smart genre fiction, sci-fi, and non-fiction projects with a strong narrative.

John Willig of Literary Services Inc. Long Beach Island, NJ. Interested in YA and MG of all genres, adult thriller, mystery, horror, romance, women’s fiction. Also, narrative non-fiction, business, personal growth, and current events.

Of course, there are plenty of other agents listed in the article, but these particular agents caught my eye. You can read more about them in the October issue of Writer’s Digest, or check out their website,

Onward we go….

Twin Factor

So, I have been wrestling with all of the ideas I have had over the years (mind you, I’ve been writing books for myself since first grade). I have been trying to decide which book to publish next. I have a rather long list to choose from. So, after much consideration, I have chosen to go with “Twin Factor”, a short, sci-fi series I wrote back in 2004. It concerns several sets of twins, born with unique powers and abilities, and the two political parties who seek to use their powers to serve their own agendas. All three books are complete, its just a matter a editing and tweeking the story a little.

I am working on some new artwork, and hopefully, it will be ready to be posted to this site next week. If you have any questions or comments, you know how to reach me: Or, on Twitter: @NicoleWoolent. Facebook: Nicole Woolaston or Woolaston Entertainment (or the Valentine Page). Or , you can leave a comment or question on the guestbook.