Blog from Woolaston Entertainment: Valentine Apart Series

Thursday, October 23, 2014: Valentine Apart

Happy Thursday, everyone! Welcome back to the weekly blog on Woolaston This week, I’d like to share a little info about a new series I’m working on. It’s the “Valentine Apart” series. Simply put, this series will focus on characters in the Valentine series aside from Val herself. There are currently two working titles: Allan & Mac, and Her Name is Lola Vencent.

Allan & Mac

These are two characters you won’t be familiar with, but they will play very important roles in Valentine 3, when it becomes available. They’re a pair of siblings and hit men as well. Their methods of carrying out their hits are a bit unorthodox (example: Mac’s idea of drowning an alcoholic in a tub of beer, to serve as an ironic death). Despite Allan and Mac’s chosen profession, the story itself is a dark comedy. The pair finds time in between jobs to have sarcastic arguments with one another over who makes a better hit man. There are some dramatic elements as well, such as the strained relationship between the pair and their father, and the question of whether or not they’re “doing the right thing”. Even if you’ve never read Valentine, I believe you’ll enjoy it.

Her Name is Lola Vencent

You already know Lola Vencent. She’s Rafferty’s former valkyrie. She a close friend of Val Entienne, aka Valentine. She’s also pretty good with a gun. This arc of the story takes you back in time, to Lola’s college days, her friendship with Barbara O’Riley, and the events that led her to work for Rafferty in the first place. Although both stories take place before Valentine is introduced, Her Name is Lola Vencent serves as more of a prelude to the Valentine series than Allan & Mac.

I’m hoping to make both books available before Valentine 3. I think both will provide more insight into the characters who are already in the series, and those who are about to be introduced.

Until next week…..