Character Month

So…..for the past few months, I have hosted a different theme on February was dedicated to “Valentine”. March was for “Our Lady of Righteous Rage”.  April was all about “Fortune’s Wing”.  May is upon us, which means its time for a new theme. This month, is Character Month.  May will be devoted to all of the different personalities that exist on my writing.  Of course, I can’t talk about my characters without acknowledging my FIRST W.E. character: a black cat named Vanessa Vance.  Vanessa is the cornerstone of WE, and her creation marked the beginning of the W.E. you see today.  So, here’s to Vanessa, and all of the characters in the W.E. universe!



Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing: Quick Advice

So, you’ve decided to write a book. Bravo for you! I am a HUGE advocate of reading and writing. Which step are you on in your current writing endeavor? Still fleshing out a manuscript? Editing? Editing again? No matter which step you’re on, eventually you will have a completed manuscript, ready to be published. The question becomes: self-publish or seek a traditional publisher?

“Professional Writers” look down upon self-published authors, as though they belonged in a leper colony. Why? Is a book that was published by a traditional publisher better than a self-published book? Certainly not. Traditional publishers and Literary Agents turn down golden nuggets all the time. Then there’s the process. Submitting hundreds of query letters to agents, and waiting and waiting for a response. If you’re lucky, someone says “yes”. Then, there’s the loss of control. Someone else will have creative control of your book, and they will most likely make changes; some you probably won’t agree with. And royalties: you may get a lot, you may get a little (20% on average). Could be paid out monthly…most likely quarterly. Things are looking bleak…

My suggestion: self-publish. You maintain creative control: the cover, the artwork, the whole nine. Higher royalties (starting at 35% if you use Amazon’s Create Space). Your work will be just that: your work. Will you have to work harder to promote your book on your own? Perhaps, but at least you’re in charge. There are plenty of free services to help you get the word out: Facebook, Twitter,, Amazon’s Author Central, just to name a few. I was waiting for a traditional publisher I began working with last year to finally get the ball rolling, but waiting is costing me time, and time is money. So, I’m sticking with self-publishing. It’s something to think about.

One more little tidbit to encourage you: Beatrix Potter, Mark Twain, and many other classic authors were self-published.

Brooklyn Expo!!!

Calling all artists, writers, poets, musicians & lovers of all things creative!!!! The Brooklyn Expo is coming!!!!! The Brooklyn Expo Creative Show is on May 30, from 6pm to 11pm!  Tickets are on sale now! Visit this link:

 Here’s more info:
Meta4rikal Minds Presents
MAY 30TH, 6PM – 11PM
@ 241 Prospect Place Brooklyn, NY 11238
Subway trains: B,Q to the 7th Ave station & 2,3 to the Grand Army Plaza station
$10 online + FREE glass of wine
$12 @ the door + wine with $2 min. donation
(*extra wine with $2 min. donation)
I will be there, selling copies of my books and answering any questions.  I’m looking forward to it, and I hope to see you there!!!!