Your Fame Will Destroy You: Giveaway

Greetings, everyone! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Good Friday, and post a little reminder about the giveaway for “Your Fame Will Destroy You”. The contest is running through March 31. So far, there are 70 entries. The winner will receive a copy of “Your Fame” and a copy of “Our Lady of Righteous Rage: Extended and Uncensored”. Both copies will be signed by me and the main character, Amy Edwards! (yes, an autograph from a fictional rock star still counts!) So, you still have a few days left! Here’s the link:

Good luck to all who enter!


Notes on Your Fame Will Destroy You

Hello, everyone. If you’ve been following me, then you probably know by now, each month I choose a different theme for my website, This month’s theme is all about the Our Lady sequel: Your Fame Will Destroy You. In this book, the members of the band Our Lady of Righteous Rage learn about the high cost of fame.  I have posted a few brief notes about the book here:


The Cover:

The image on the cover of Your Fame is a combination of six images: Amy’s eye, a side profile shot of Aidan, a news article about Rob, a news article about Aidan, an Our Lady set list, and Billie Joe, my Epiphone Les Paul. If you look close enough I’m sure you’ll see all six (it’s like playing Where’s Waldo?).


The Characters:

The original cast from the first book has returned; some have much stronger roles. For example, Mike is now the manager for the band. Erin, who was introduced at the end of Our Lady, (and who starred in her own book, Novocaine) has more of a presence as well. There’s one new character: Logan. Logan is an employee at the Urban Collective, and one you’ll want to keep an eye on. Jon, Amy’s adopted son, along with his friends Olivia and Phillip, have more speaking roles this time around.


The Story:

Your Fame deals with some heavy subjects. One of those subjects is mental health. Another is family ties. Each member of the band will have a personal crisis of some sort, which, ordinarily, wouldn’t be very important. However, because they’re becoming more and more famous, everything they deal with seems to make its way into the spotlight of the media. At the same time, they continue to work to make a name for Our Lady of Righteous Rage, and play as many gigs as possible.


The Music:

Of course, a new Our Lady book means new songs. I have included lyrics to Our Lady’s new music, which they play at their “gigs”. The songs tie into the themes presented in the story (mental health, etc.).


Want to read a sample? Here’s a link:

Next week, I’ll discuss the characters a little more in depth. Until then, happy reading, everyone!