#TBT: Before They Were Rockstars

I like to think of some of my characters as actors and actresses: I used to move them around, from series to series, casting them in different roles. Most of the cast of Our Lady of Righteous Rage, appeared in two of my science fiction series: “Enos” and “Degenerate R”. Both series featured characters who could transform and use special powers to fight evil. I recently came across a poster I drew sixteen years ago, for the “Enos” series. Featured on the poster, are Nyda Summit, Amy Edwards, Vanessa Vance, Carmen Portez, Yvonne Vance and Delfino “Dee” Seybrook. All six appear in the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series. EnosCivilianPoster


#TBT: Anatomy of a Song

Hello, everyone! Since its Throwback Thursday, I decided to upload one of my old blog posts. This one is about Our Lady of Righteous Rage. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 12, 2014: Anatomy of a Song w/ Our Lady of Righteous Rage

One of the most important elements of Our Lady is music, and by music, I mean the lyrics to the band’s songs.  The first full set of lyrics to appear in the book, are the lyrics to “Wish You Well”.  It’s the song Amy writes in reference to her father.  In reality, it’s a song I wrote for my father.  The line, “I wish you well”, sounds like she’s wishing her father luck.  The truth is, she’s being sarcastic.  She doesn’t wish him well at all.  More or less, what she’s trying to say is, “Hey, you were never around when I needed you, but I’ll move on, so forget you”.  The lyrics, “This would be so easy/ If you were just deceased”, doesn’t mean she wishes her father was dead.  What Amy is referring to, is if her father was dead, at least that would be an excuse for him not spending time with her.  The fact that he is alive and well and just doesn’t see her, makes the situation harder to deal with.  Another important song in the book (and my personal favorite) is “Come for the Wake, Stay for the Funeral”.  Amy writes this song after her mother’s aunt’s funeral.  Disgusted by the way her family is acting during the wake and at the burial site, Amy begins to view the service as a sort of “Spectator Sport”.  The opening lyrics to the song, “All you spectators please gather ‘round/The dearly beloved is barely in the ground” relates to the conversations Amy overhears during the service: people simply wondering if the aunt left them anything in her will.  No one seems to care that she is no longer living.  In reality, I wrote this song in 2009, after my mother’s Aunt Dorothy passed away.  Same situation: people just wanted to know who would get her house or her money.  Next, is Nick’s song, “Smoke and Glass”.  The complete lyrics do not appear in the book, however, the song is a tribute to September 11th.


The lyrics that the characters write in the story run parallel with the events in their lives. But, this is what most songwriters do: use the events in their lives as inspiration for their music.  I suppose this is true for writers of any sort.  Charles Dickens is a good example.  Some of his best work involves young men born into unfortunate circumstances, and later, their lives turn around for the better.  I wrote the lyrics for all of Our Lady’s songs, and bits and pieces of my life can be found in the lyrics.

Author Interviews!

Readers like to know more about the person behind their favorite books. I’d love to interview John Steinbeck, but sadly, I don’t have a time machine (not a functioning one, anyway). Making yourself available for interviews as an author is a great way to reach out to your readers. To me, it makes you seem more human, which makes you more relatable. I have been interviewed three times as an author, and two of those interviews are available online.

Self Publisher’s Showcase:

If you’re a self-published author, this website is a great resource. You can post information about yourself and your book(s). If you sign up for a membership, there is a small fee ($30 for one year, I believe) which will give you more access to the resources on the site. Readers can discover new books and new authors, and SPS will post an interview with you.



If you want to read my interview, here is the link: http://selfpublishersshowcase.com/interview-nicole-e-woolaston-author-of-our-lady-of-righteous-rage/


Ebunnygirl’s WordPress Page:

One of my readers posted an interview with me on her wordpress page! This is another fantastic idea. If you have a website (and you should) you may want to post an announcement that you’re available for interviews. Invite anyone with a blog to email questions to you (unless you want to meet in person, totally up to you), and post the conversation online. It’s a great way to engage your audience.

Here is the link to ebunnygirl’s interview with me. You should check out the rest of her page as well: