Woolaston Entertainment’s 22nd Anniversary!!!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Monday Blog. This is the first blog for the month of December, and it’s also the 22nd anniversary of Woolaston Entertainment. This month, I’ll share information about W.E.’s books, artwork, and comics.

The birth of W.E. began with the creation of the very first character, Vanessa Vance, who is currently one of the characters featured in the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series. I had been working on several characters since the Summer of 1994, but I hadn’t drawn any of them yet. The image featured here, is the very first drawing I ever made of Vanessa, or any other character. Drawn in December of 1994, I used charcoal and water color.  Vanessa’s design has changed over the years. I finally found a design I liked in 1999, and I have pretty much kept the same design for Vanessa since then.

Aside from the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series, Vanessa also appeared in the sci-fi series I wrote, Enos, and several individual books as well.

Next week, I’ll share some info about the WE books, both published and unpublished.vv1994


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