“Her Name is Lola Vencent” is full of hints…

Concept for cover of “Her Name is Lola Vencent”



I have some very good news today: I just finished the draft for “Her Name is Lola Vencent”, the second book in the “Valentine Apart” series! I will release it next month, along with book three, “Jo Fuentes: The Black Queen”. So, what’s so special about “Lola Vencent”? It’s full of hints.

This book will reveal how Lola met Val’s father, Vincent. It will also be the first time, Victor Entienne, Veronica and Victoria’s father, will be featured as a character, and not just a memory. Plus, you’ll learn about how Lola met Allan and Mac Avery, and how she and Barbara O’Riley joined the Syndicate.

I’ve probably said too much here! But I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book. “Her Name is Lola Vencent” will be available this March.



The Dark Side of Valentine

“I’ll kill you myself. I’ll kill you in the most violent way I can think of.”



If you’ve read the books in the Valentine series, you may have noticed, the story started out with mild violence, which progressed as the story continued. Yes, bullets have been fired and people have been shot. In fact, a few people have died. In a story involving a girl who carries a pair of handguns and is friends with a lot of hit men and hit women, there has to be some sort of body count.

The Val Entienne you have come to know in the previous books in the series, is going to change in book 4. She’s a little darker; she has to be. Now more than ever, Val wants to protect her family, and this time, the threat isn’t an assumed one. This time, the threat is very, very real. Rafferty has made it clear, he wants Val dead.  So, it’s kill or be killed.

You can expect a few deaths in this part of the story. Not to include any spoilers, but keep an eye on Val’s demeanor, from here on, because it’s going to change.


Valentine 4!

Hello, everyone. February is here, and this month, I’m focusing on the Valentine series. Valentine 4: Past and Present will be released within the next week or two—my plan is to have it available by February 14th. Why? Not only is that Valentine’s Day, but in the series, it’s also Val Entienne’s birthday. So, it’s sort of a birthday present to the leading lady of the story.

Valentine 4: Past and Present


If you’ve read the rest of the series, good for you! If you haven’t, I will try not to add any spoilers in this post. But, I do want to talk about the book. So far, Val has driven to California to rescue her father, saved Melinda from an abusive home, and become the “Patron Saint of the Weak” in the eyes of both strangers and friends alike. Since she is viewed as a hero to some, she is also viewed as an enemy to others…mainly John Rafferty. The Syndicate, the organization of criminals, hitmen, mob bosses, etc, has realized there is a war between Val Entienne and John Rafferty, and while a few people want to pick and choose sides, the primary heads of the Syndicate don’t want anything to do with the situation. They feel Val and Rafferty should hash this whole thing out on their own. However, Val is friends with Lola Vencent, Allan and Mac Avery, and Jo Fuentes: three influential members of the Syndicate. Her friends aren’t about to just “sit this one out”.

So, there will be some mild violence in this part of the story. Val, Lola and Mac are going to be forced to deal with their troubled pasts. If that results in a few deaths, so be it.

I will post a preview of Valentine 4 online before the book becomes available. If you’re not familiar with the story, this is a great time to catch up! Books 1-3 are currently available in both paperback and EBook form.