War Poems by Christopher Pascale (A Review)

War Poems Book
War Poems by Christopher Pascale



I recently had an opportunity to read a collection of poetry by author and US Marine, Christopher Pascale, titled War Poems. The poems are written in free verse, which I happen to be a fan of, simply because it gives the poet more freedom to create his or her own writing style.  A description is present for each poem, which contains some background info about the poem itself. Each poems flows in a way that made me feel like they needed to be read out loud, at a café where spoken word is welcomed, or a t a poetry slam. This is especially true for “196 Chicago Ave”.  One of my personal favorites, is  “Autumn”.  This poem feels like it has a dual meaning: Autumn could be the season itself, or a person. I also like the sense of loneliness in “Chanelle”.

While “Camping With Dad” is fictional, it definitely feels real: a child’s point of view of a veteran parent’s flashback. Anyone who has ever experienced being poor, or just down on their luck (I certainly have) can relate to the feeling of desperation in  “Falling Down”, another one of my favorites.

Whether you’re looking for new poetry, or simply in search of work from a new author, War Poems is definitely worth reading. These poems are raw and filled with emotion, and describe places and feelings many of us will never experience, and perhaps, take for granted.

About the Author:

Christopher Pascale served in the US Marine Corps from 2003-2008 as a combat engineer. He currently lives on Long Island.

War Poems is available for sale here: https://www.amazon.com/War-Poems-Marines-Tour-2003-2008/dp/1576385108/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489431356&sr=8-1&keywords=war+poems+christopher+pascale