Monday Blog: Emo Month!


Hello, good readers! Welcome to the first Monday Blog for the month of October. This month’s theme, is Emo Month. Why? Two reasons: Halloween is coming, and I’m currently working on my first supernatural book, The Witch of Fulton Lane.

So, why emo Month? When people think of October, they may think of Halloween. I know I certainly do. Halloween happens to be one of my favorite holidays. I’m a little Gothic, a little punk and a little Emo, so the holiday is right up my alley. Some people wander into a craft store, look at the Halloween decorations, and think, “Oh! Halloween decorations!” Me, I think, “Oh, regular decorations!” I changed the Woolaston Entertainment WordPress site to a Gothic theme for the holiday. Ah, who am I kidding: I’ll probably just leave it that way, holiday or not!

Most of this month’s blog posts will focus on The Witch of Fulton Lane. I will release little samples of the book throughout the month. I hope you like it. Also, I’ll share links to websites and places related to the theme of the book.

A sample chapter is available here:

See you next week!

#emo #Halloween


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