Monday Blog: Oct 22, 2018: Witchcraft & The Age of the Daughter

Hello, everyone! My apologies for the late post. This week, I wanted to share some of the information I have learned while continuing my research for one of my upcoming books, The Age of the Daughter. As you probably know, this is the sequel to The Witch of Fulton Lane. This book is taking longer than I originally planned, because I keep finding info that I want to include in the story. My latest findings, have been very interesting. 


Witch Trials in Europe

Most of us have heard of the Salem Witch Trials, where women (and some men) were accused of witchcraft and were placed on “trial” to determine their guilt or innocence. I’ve been reading about the witch trials in Europe. For instance, in Germany, a device known as the Black Virgin of Nurnberg, was used to determine the guilt of the accused. It’s basically a large coffin, lined with spikes. If you’ve ever watched Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, you’ve seen this device during one of Icabod Crane’s dreams about his mother. 

Another device that was used in England, are the Witch Scales. The accused was placed on one of the scales, while weights were placed on the other. The accused’s weight determined their fate: if the scales maintained perfect balance, the accused was innocent. If not, yet another method was used: “swimming”. The accused’s hands and feet were bound and they were tossed into a lake or pond. If the accused floated to the surface, that was evidence they were in deed a witch. If they sank and drowned, they were innocent. It’s a hell of a thing. 

Triple Goddess Wiccan Symbol


Dianic Wicca

This branch of the religion of Wicca follows the Goddess Diana, and her daughter Aradia. While traditional Wicca honors both male and female gods, Dianic Wicca focuses on the goddess.  Founded in the 1970’s by Zsuzsanna Budapest, it celebrates Diana as the protector of both women and wild nature. There are no male members, only female members and followers discourage violence against women. When I started reading about this branch of the religion I knew it would have a perfect fit in The Age of the Daughter. 

I’m still working on the book, so I’ll keep you posted!


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