Monday Blog: Oct 29, 2018: Erin Michaels: Spooky B

Welcome to the final Monday Blog of October! Sorry its late, but I’m having issues updating my other website. However, despite the technical difficulties, the month is ending on a high note for W.E.: I published my 24th book! Erin Michaels: Spooky B: An OLORR Halloween Book, is now available in paperback form on Amazon.  In this book, Erin covers all of the things that scare her…and all of us.

Publishing was a little challenging. My new laptop didn’t come with Microsoft Word, but thankfully, I was able to use Google Docs instead. Create Space and KDP were recently combined, however, there is a downside: cover design templates. The templates that were available on Create Space, aren’t available in KDP. So, if you’re publshing a book that’s the continuation of a series you started in Create Space, good luck trying to create a similar cover for the continuation of the series. It’s a little annoying, but I’m sure I’ll find  a way around it.



Some of the experiences Erin mentions in Spooky B mirrir my own. For example, when she mentions the Merchant House Museum, that really happened to me. I did see an orb, and I did photograph what I believe is the spirit of a woman from the previous century. The pics are in my instagram account somewhere, and on a flash drive. I’ll re-post when I find them.

Spooky B is available here:

Until next week!


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