The Importance of “Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep”

Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep


I’m a fan of literary cliffhangers. They can lead to another arc of a story, or simply create a series of questions in the reader’s mind. Did that couple ever get married? Will the police get there in time? So many questions! I chose to end Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep with a cliffhanger for a reason: to introduce a new Valentine series.

Let’s take a step back, shall we? Project Sleep opens with Jo having a dream about the special training she received, when she was an active Marine. She still has questions regarding her unusual set of skills: she was trained to kill in a variety of ways. She continues to work for Kelly McCormick, who is now (spoiler alert) in charge of the Syndicate. Kelly agrees to help Jo in any way she can in terms of finding out more information about Project Sleep, the government program Jo was part of. Meanwhile, Jo continues to perform her duties as Kelly’s hitwoman.

While Jo eventually learns more about Project Sleep (more than she ever bargained for), she also learns something rather distressing about Kelly. It seems Jo’s boss has not been entirely forthcoming. But Kelly has made a fatal mistake: she has grossly underestimated Jo, and what she’s capable of.

“Are you nervous, Kelly?” Jo asked, her face twitching a little. “Am I making you nervous?”

Aside from the story itself, its the ending that becomes one of the most important elements. Jo goes to see a friend outside of New York, since her friends in New York seem to be in short supply. This visit is the event that opens the door to the next Valentine series: Valentine R. The cliffhanger? What will happen to Jo’s relationship with Kelly? And how will Jo’s visit to see an old friend change everything?

Hopefully I haven’t spoiled the story too much for you. Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook form, and from Woolaston Entertainment in paperback.

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