Let’s Visit the Public Library!

The Indie Display at the Hampton Public Library, in Hampton, VA

Ask yourself this question: how often do I visit my local library? Yes, I know there’s a pandemic and many businesses are either closed or have restricted hours, but many libraries are offering services such as curb-side pick up, so you can still borrow materials like books and DVDs. November is NaNoWriMo, and I have been focusing on books, books, books! Being a self-published author, I prefer to shine a spotlight on independently published books, and books published by small press publishers.

I work in a public library, which gives me access to shelves and shelves of books. I searched our catalog for indie published books, and came up with a very, very long list. I created a display of books published by Xlibris, iUniverse, and Amazon KDP. I have also included books from Outskirts Press, which is a small press. I try to maintain at least 30 to 35 books on the display, though I could really add more. My library, much like libraries across the country, is filled with a variety of books, published by major publishers as well as smaller ones. I’d like to see more people checking out books from “the little guys”, and so far, the display seems to be working.

So, the next time you visit you local public library, check out an indie book. You may find something you’ll like.

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