Risk and Reward

Every great invention, every standing city or town exists because of one thing: risk. Someone (or a group of someone’s) took a chance; took a risk. They knew there was a chance what they were trying to accomplish wouldn’t work. Things could go wrong. The fear of failure could step in at any time, and sabotage everything. The discouraging words of doubters and nonbelievers could persuade a person from achieving their goal. Giving up is easy: there’s no work involved, no stress to deal with. You simply stop doing whatever it is you’re trying to do, and walk away.

You could give up, or you could do the brave thing, and take a risk. Sure, there’s a chance it won’t work out, and that’s okay. When things go wrong, that’s not a failure, it’s a lesson. Failure teaches us what we shouldn’t do and what doesn’t work.

Risk teaches us who’s really in our corner, and who isn’t. They say when you’re facing difficult times, you learn who your real friends are. They’re the people who cheer you on no matter what, instead or trying to destroy your self esteem.

There is no reward without risk. Taking a risk teaches you what you’re capable of. Being a writer is a perfect example of this. When you sit down to put words on paper, you may think to yourself, “What if I’m terrible at this?” “What if my writing isn’t any good?” “What if no one likes what I’m writing?” Well, what if your writing is terrible? What if no one likes it? Does that mean you shouldn’t be a writer? Absolutely not! Do it anyway! Don’t talk yourself out of what you want to do. Take the risk. Maybe someone will read your work, and offer some tips on things you could improve. You’ll never know if you never take the chance.

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