Do you ever think back on your childhood, and recall the things you did when you were a kid? Some of it probably seemed very silly at the time. Some children are good at playing games and making up stories. However, what may have seemed like mere child’s play back then, most likely shaped who you are today.

Here’s a perfect example: some children play “school” when they’re young, especially girls. I know I certainly did. They pretend they are the teacher, and their dolls or stuffed animals are the students. I wonder how many of these children grew up to become teachers in their adulthood…

I began writing books for myself at an early age. I continued to do so all the way through high school. What seemed like a simple hobby to some, was actually me shaping who and what I wanted to be. I found myself reading and writing all of the time (In high school I once faked an illness to stay home from school to finish the draft of a book I was working on. Yes, I am that nerd).

50 of my hand-written books

How many children play “soldier” when they’re young and then grow up to join the military? How many play “dress-up” and later become fashion designers? Class clowns who become comedians? Little ones who like to help Mom and Dad in the kitchen and grow up to become chefs? Chances are, if you’re doing something you truly love, you didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to do it. Your desire to do it started a long time ago, when you were a kid. I did a ton of writing when I was a kid, so I do it now as an adult.

If you find yourself at a crossroads with your writing, or whatever you happen to be working on, take a moment to reflect on your childhood. What was important to you back then? What did you really care about? How did those things shape the person you became as an adult? A little nostalgia can go a long way.

One thought on “Nostalgia

  1. No nostalgia here, as there are some childhoods best forgotten, and mine is one of them, but stories I imagined during that time, though I could not write them down, did keep me…

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