Poetry and Lyrics: “Drugstore Perfume”

I wanted to share a verse from one of my favorite songs: “Drugstore Perfume” by the lead singer for the band My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, from his solo album Hesitant Alien. It’s the opening verse:

She waits at windows
Her dreams don’t show in color
And she sleeps for now
She just waits around
Wishing she could leave
Single mothers in parking lots
And wear another girl’s evening out
This place let you down easy

I had listened to the song several times before I paid closer attention to the lines, She just waits around/Wishing she could leave/Single mothers in parking lots/And wear another girl’s evening out. I think it speaks to a person’s desire to be someone else; something more than what they are. The woman in the song wishes she could leave her old self behind and be someone else for a change, or at least, that’s my interpretation of the song. I think she wants to escape from her way of life.

If you’d like to hear the song for yourself, here’s a link to a video on Youtube.

Gerard Way - Hesitant Alien - Amazon.com Music
the album cover of Hesitant Alien

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