The New Timeline in “Our Lady”

I’m currently making notes for the draft of my upcoming Our Lady of Righteous Rage book, and I’m doing things a little differently this time around. Normally, the timeline in the books follows the characters lives, year by year. The last book in the regular series, Righteous, took place in 2013, when the band went on their first national tour. While I would pick things up from there, I’m going to fast forward a bit. The story will begin in 2013, but the events in 2013 will be brief. I have plenty of ideas for events in 2019 forward, and I don’t want to dwell in previous years for too long.

The story in the upcoming Rise Resist Reform: A Prelude will coincide with the latest companion books, Rock N Role Model and I Probably Should Have Kept That To Myself.

So, does this mean the Pandemic will be mentioned in the story? The answer is yes. While I previously considered not including it, ultimately I decided I needed to. How can I not? It’s been such a major factor in all of our lives, I feel like it would greatly impact my characters’ lives. Plus, there will be other important events surrounding the band members and their families, DJ Carla Caliese will be more visible and there’s going to be a HUGE change in Erin’s life.

As a side note, I’d like to mention that I’m thinking about giving another character from the series a solo book: Carmen, the owner of Portez Art Studio. I have an idea in development.

I’m still in my planning and outlining stage, so I’ll keep everyone posted.

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