The Three Worlds of Valentine

Eleven years ago, I published a book which turned into a series, and later created two spin-off series. None of this was planned from the beginning, but I’m glad it happened. That book is Valentine. Val Entienne, the main character, has had her share of ups and downs throughout the books, and has become a hero in the eyes of the other characters. I’m currently writing the series which depicts the next phase of Val Entienne’s life, and it will combine the casts of all three series. In short, the three worlds of Valentine are about to collide.

This is a cross over that was bound to happen. While the characters featured in Valentine and Valentine Apart already know each other and have appeared together in several books, most of the characters in the Lucia and the Saints have never appeared in the other two series and have pretty much existed in their own world. Val’s return to the world of the Syndicate means it’s time for everyone to come together. Val and Lucia are going to meet, and their meeting may not necessarily be a positive one. After all, Val is responsible for the death of someone who was once close to Lucia, and both women have plenty of people on their side who know how to handle a gun…

Violence in a Violent World

The level of violence in Valentine was mild, compared to the level of violence I intended for it. It’s 2021, and I’m a bit hesitant to make it too violent. However, holding back as a writer makes me feel less authentic. This is a story which involves criminals, hitmen (and hitwomen), and gun fights. People get shot. People get killed. Needless to say, this next series will target an older audience than the previous one (which was rated for 17 and older).

I working to put the series out ASAP. Stay tuned!

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