KDP Reports Update

Hello fellow writers and creatives. As most of you probably know, I use Amazon’s KDP to publish all of my books. They recently added an update to their reports, and honestly I believe it’s long overdue. Right now, it’s in the “beta” phase: it’s still being tested. If you use KDP, I recommend taking a look at it and taking the survey. Give KDP as much feedback as possible, because the current version of the report is kinda painful. For example, if you’re like me and you’ve published a number of titles, whenever one of them is purchased, you have to go through a list of your titles in order to find out which title was purchased. The new version of the sales report shows which title was sold right away. This is a VAST improvement.

How do you find the beta version of the report?

When you log into you KDP account, at the very top, is a menu with the options, “Bookshelf, Reports, Community, Marketing”. When you click on “Reports”, you will see a line that reads “Try the new KDP Reports beta”. Click on that, and you will be redirected to the beta page.

One of the options in the beta report is the Royalties Estimator, which provides a list of your royalties you will receive for the titles you have recently sold. To me, the best part about this, is simply seeing which title was sold without searching through a list of titles ( I have 43 titles, so I’m very happy about this).

I’m still learning about this new report, but hopefully it will become the permanent version.

Until next time.

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