Using Symbolism In Your Writing

Writers use a variety of literary devices in their work. One such device is symbolism: using words, people, locations or ideas to represent something other than their obvious meaning. Symbols can help a writer “show” without “telling”, and connect certain elements or themes in their work. For example: the use of the color green in … Continue reading Using Symbolism In Your Writing

Back To Basics

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s January 2021: the beginning of a brand new year. This is the time when people generally set goals and make resolutions. I’m not the ‘resolutions’ type, but I do try to set a few goals. Starting out, my goal is to get back to the basics of writing. I will … Continue reading Back To Basics

The End of 2020

Here it is, folks: the end of 2020. The last dance. The grand finale. Some bloggers like to end the year by reflecting upon it: they look back at all of the events that took place, both good and bad. Normally, I do the same thing. But this year was very different from every other … Continue reading The End of 2020


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