Monday Blog: Woolaston Entertainment Turns 23!

23rd Bday Collage 23


At long last, December has arrived. December is one of my favorite months, because of several reasons: Christmas, snow, time off from work, my birthday…and most importantly, Woolaston Entertainment’s birthday! This year, Woolent is turning 23. Yes…23. There are a few milestones that took place this year, but, before I get to them, let’s go back to the beginning…


Vanessa Vance, W/E/’s first character


Summer, 1994

I started watching Sailor Moon on UPN, in Hampton, Va. I made sketches of the characters I had been visualizing for months. The first one to come to life on paper, was a black cat named Vanessa. From there, I began writing furiously and drawing during every spare moment I could find. I started drawing comics and writing my own books. Little did I know, 23 years later, all of that creativity would pay off. Watching anime and reading mangas, writing books and drawing comics, would lead to a series of paintings, learning to play the guitar, and publishing 19 books. No matter how far Woolaston Entertainment goes or how old it gets, I always attribute everything to Summer 1994, when everything got started.


W.E. may have been born in 1994, but things REALLY kicked off in 2009, with Fortune’s Wing. But let’s go through the years, as I can remember them:

1994: W.E. is born!

1997: Enos, W.E.’s first series/comic is created

1999: first short story publication in Polaris Literary Art Magazine

2000: my artwork is published in Polaris Literary Art Magazine

2002: Fortune’s Wing is written

2005: my first attempt at teaching myself to play guitar (a failure which later inspires creation of Our Lady)

2009: Fortune’s Wing is published

2010: Valentine is published

2011: Fortune’s Wing: Second Flight is published; first 2 W.E. books featured at A.L.A. convention in Washington, DC

2012: W.E. becomes an adult and turns 18!

2013: I publish Valentine on Jukepop Serials

2014: W.E. turns 20!

2015: I discover Create Space and republish a few titles; 6 W.E. books are published, including Our Lady of Righteous Rage, W.E. books sold at Brooklyn Expo, interview with Self Publisher’s Showcase, here:

2016: First book signing at Barnes and Noble, 2 W.E. books available via Hampton and Norfolk public libraries (this may have occurred in 2015, but this is when I can remember discovering this for myself!)

2017: Jon and Olivia comic featured in Bear Facts newspaper, published 19th book, The Witch of Fulton Lane, 2 W.E. books available via Queens Public Library, W.E.’s website becomes self-sustaining


The Witch of Fulton Lane


The Witch of Fulton Lane

My first paranormal book is finally available for sale! You can purchase a copy from Create Space’s website, or Amazon: It’s currently in the form of a paperback. I will release the ebook within a month or so. This is the first W.E. book outside of the current four series I previously published, so I hope you enjoy it!

The Monday Blog entries for this month will all be related to W.E.’s 23rd birthday. So, here’s to 23 years of writing and creating!


Improvements to the website


I’ve spent the past few days making little changes here and there to, and I believe I’m finally finished! (for now). I’ve been trying to change the colors, and after several attempts, I figured it out. I think it’s a wonderful improvement, and I hope everyone who visits the site enjoys the new look.  When you have time, please check it out: . Cheers!

#TBT: Before They Were Rockstars

I like to think of some of my characters as actors and actresses: I used to move them around, from series to series, casting them in different roles. Most of the cast of Our Lady of Righteous Rage, appeared in two of my science fiction series: “Enos” and “Degenerate R”. Both series featured characters who could transform and use special powers to fight evil. I recently came across a poster I drew sixteen years ago, for the “Enos” series. Featured on the poster, are Nyda Summit, Amy Edwards, Vanessa Vance, Carmen Portez, Yvonne Vance and Delfino “Dee” Seybrook. All six appear in the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series. EnosCivilianPoster

Secrets Behind My Book Cover Artwork


Cover for the new edition of Valentine
Cover for the new edition of Valentine


Greetings, everyone.  June is Art Month at Woolaston Entertainment, and I’d like to start it off by talking about the artwork you see on the covers of my books.  I know its 2015, and most artists and graphic designers use programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create their images.  I use it, too, but I’m still a fan of the old-school method.  I have been hand-drawing my work since I was little, and I continue to do so today.  While Photoshop may help me put the images on my books, the artwork itself is hand-made.

The cover for the first edition of Valentine (last image on the bottom row) is a cut out , which I placed on top of one of my bandanas (the very same bandana Val uses to cover her forehead in the second part of the book).  The image itself, was originally intended for a different book, titled “Vengeance Angel Yuka”.  While I was coloring the image, instead of the original black for her hair, I decided to go with pink, and thus, Valentine was born.  The new cover, features a more “anime” style design for Val and Melinda, along with Val’s car.  The image of Val on the second book in the series, was taken from promotional material I created about two years ago.

The artwork on the covers of both the books in the Fortune’s Wing series were also hand-drawn.  The flashing light seen coming from the mouth of the cave on book one, is actually white-out.  Yes, white-out.  I used a pencil to spread out a large drop of white-out, to create the appearance of a flashing light. The image on the second book, is three images drawn separately, and combined using Photoshop. The clouds on the Earth, are made of stretched-out cotton balls.

The skull on the cover of Allan & Mac, is a Halloween decoration I purchased years ago from a drug store.  I admit, it remains on display in my room all year long.  For this cover, I took a picture of the skull and used Photoshop to blacken everything around the skull.

Last but not least, is Our Lady of Righteous Rage.  The cover contains a simple hand-drawn image of two of the main characters’ side profiles: Amy and Dee.  Below them, is the headstock of one of my guitars, Billie Joe, my Epiphone Les Paul.  For copyright purposes, I blackened the name “Epiphone”.  The circle around the image represents a CD or album, since the story involves the formation of a band.

If anything, I hope you can see that a variety of materials can be used to create art, from colored pencils to cotton balls to white-out. Until I blog again…