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Free Ebook Weekends, Part 4

Welcome to the fourth and final weekend of Free Ebook Weekends with Woolaston Entertainment. It’s been a huge success so far, and I hope everyone is enjoying the books. Hopefully, we won’t need to stay home for much longer, but until things get back to normal, please stay home, and keep yourself and your families safe. 

Here are the titles for this weekend, 4/25-4/26:


Dee Seybrook: Rock N’ Roll Diva

Erin Michaels: Spooky B

Rock N Role Model



Please visit the Woolaston Entertainment site for more details about the books. 

After the Fortune, Comes the Fame

Childhood friends grow up together and accomplish a common goal: to start a successful punk rock band. This is one of the elements in Our Lady of Righteous Rage. A group of friends in late 1990’s/early 2000’s New York start a band, and begin writing and recording music. This is in the first book of the series. As the band begins to stretch its legs and make some money, they have to deal with their newfound fame. But fame, like many things, comes at a high cost…

No one prepared them for the amount of privacy they would need to surrender. No one prepared them for the fake stories that would begin to circulate about them. For Amy, Rob, Nick and Aidan, and their friends and family, nothing will ever be the same. 


This weekend, the second, third and fourth books in the series are available to download from Amazon FOR FREE. No, I’m not crazy. If you’ve read the first book in the series, this is the perfect time to jump into the other books. Amy and company are about to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives, complete with live performances, fans, haters, and maybe a fight or two. Your Fame Will Destroy You, Rowdy and Righteous are FREE this weekend, Saturday morning through Sunday night. Head over to the Books page on Woolaston Entertainment for direct links and enjoy!

Remember: Stay Home, Stay Safe. 

Free Ebook Weekends, Part 2

Here we go, folks! More free ebooks. Stay home! Stay safe! 

Here are this weekend’s choices, 4/11-4/12:

A Rose Left Behind

Fortune’s Wing (all 3 books!)

Your Fame Will Destroy You



Young Kelly McCormick

Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep

Lucia and the Saints, Volumes 1-3


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Free Ebook Weekends!

Introducing Free Ebook Weekends! Since most of us are stuck at home, why not download some books to enjoy? Every weekend in April, you can download free select W.E. ebooks. Here are this weekend’s choices, 4/4-4/5:

The Kindness of Strangers
Our Lady of Righteous Rage (both versions)
Punk & Whiskers
Allan and Mac
Her Name is Lola Vencent
Jo Fuentes: The Black Queen
Please visit the Woolaston Entertainment Website for direct links!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air….well, maybe for some of us. How about the love of books? It may not be a romantic love, but it is a love, just the same. 

This Valentine’s Day weekend, the first of all three Valentine series will be FREE. You can download the ebook versions of Valentine, Allan and Mac, and Lucia and the Saints Volume One, for Kindle and Kindle App for free. Yes, FREE. If you haven’t read any of the books from these series, I want you to get acquainted with them through the first books. You can follow Val Entienne on her road trip, join Allan and Mac Avery on their adventures in the Syndicate, and meet Lucia and her band of girl-bosses known as the Lady Saints. 


The books will be free Friday February 14 through Sunday night, February 16, 2020. If you download any copies, I hope you enjoy them. If you enjoy them, please consider leaving a review! 🙂

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Linking Ebooks and Printed Books on Amazon

Whenever I shop for a book on Amazon, one of the things I like to check, is if the book is available as an ebook. There are many titles I will purchase printed copies of, and there are a few titles I purchase only in ebook form. When you search for a title on Amazon, and click on it, you should be able to see all the available formats in one place (ebook, paperback, hardcover). Having to do another search to find other formats can be a bit of a hassle. 

As a writer, I use Amazon’s KDP service to publish my books. This means all of my titles are available on Amazon. When you publish your book with KDP as a printed book, you have the option to make it available as a Kindle book as well, and vice versa. You can also link both formats, so they will appear together, whenever someone searches for that title on Amazon. Every now and then, a mistake happens, and the formats will not be linked to one another. Even if you select “Link Books”, your books may not be linked. Luckily, Amazon can fix this for you, in Author Central.

Author Central (for those who do not know) is Amazon’s site for authors who have books that are available in Amazon’s store. Here, authors can update Amazon’s list of their books, upload a headshot, and include a link to their blog. You can also check sales information for your books and keep up with customer reviews. If you’re having trouble linking your books to one another, here’s what you can do:

First, I recommend deciding which of your books need to be linked, and having the ISBN or ASIN numbers ready. At the very bottom of the Author Central page, click on “Contact Us”. This will take you to another screen.

Under “Select an issue”, select MY BOOKS

Under “Select Details”, select UPDATE INFORMATION ABOUT A BOOK



Select how you would like to be contacted (email or phone call). I recommend email, because a space will appear, where you can enter the title of your book, along with the ISBN and ASIN numbers that need to be linked together. 

Give Amazon about 24 hours. This is an easy fix, and they will contact you when it is complete. 


“Lucia and the Saints” and Things to Come!

Hello! This past weekend I released the fourth volume in the Lucia and the Saints series. Volume Four finds Lucia and John purchasing a second nightclub; this time its located in Chicago. While Lucia prides herself on her skills as a business woman, it seems the men around her don’t want to take her seriously. Lucia decides its time for her to show the fellas what she’s made of. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, the confrontation between Brian and the Lady Saints is about to come to a head, as the connection between Lucia Calderon and Lucia Milazzo is finally revealed!

Lucia Vol Four Cover

I will be taking a short break from writing the remaining two books in this series, in order to finish some of the other projects I started. But, rest assured, the rest of the series will be released within the next two months.

I had planned to release my mother’s third book, A New England Serial Killer, this past weekend, but I was feeling a bit under the weather and was unable to finish editing. I did however, manage to create an image for the cover. Don’t worry: no one was harmed in the creation of this pic. 

ANESK Cover Photo

I hope to have A New England Serial Killer ready before the end of the week. 

I’m also getting back to The Age of the Daughter and Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep. I put them on hold for Lucia and I’m glad I did. During my hiatus from working on those two books, I came up with new ideas for them. 

More things to come!

Lucia and the Saints: Volume Four is available on Amazon

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