A Snippet of “Lucia and the Saints”

I‘m working on a series of short ebooks, titled Lucia and the Saints.  This will be the second series to act as a spin-off from my Valentine series, and I’m certain readers are going to enjoy it. Here’s another little snippet from what I’m working on. Enjoy!

Lucia burst through the door, huffing and puffing with every step. She could hear John’s footsteps behind her, but she didn’t stop. She didn’t want to. It was always like this: the others looked at her, and saw a woman. A stupid female who didn’t belong in their world. She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. John had caught up to her. She paused, and he spun her around to face him.  “Don’t say it,” Lucia said. “I don’t even want to hear it.”

“You need to stop acting like a freight train every time someone says something you don’t like,” John said, dropping his hand from her shoulder. “You can’t run over every person who pisses you off, Lucia.”

Her eyes grew wide with anger. “Did you hear what he said to me?!” she snapped. “He said I was just some dumb broad. A broad! Who the hell even uses that word anymore?!”

“I heard him,” John said, in a soothing tone. “What? You don’t think I get that kind of crap all the time?”

Lucia sighed, and put her hands on her hips. 

“They look at me, they see some Irish hood,” John said. “A mick. Same thing I’ve been hearing most of my life.  They don’t want me hanging around their sons, they definitely don’t want me to date their daughters. They think I’m some kind of joke. They laugh at me. But so what?”

Lucia seemed to be calming down, listening to his words.

“Their sons will get high off of my drugs,” John continued. “And their daughters will dance in my night clubs. Then we’ll see who’s laughing, won’t we?”


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Connecting the Dots in Valentine Apart

June is nearly upon us, and I’m working on a few different projects. One of them, is a new addition to the Valentine Apart series.  This series will trace John Rafferty’s origins, the rise of The Syndicate, and the person who trained Allan and Mac Avery. The working title is Lucia and The SaintsI’m planning to release this series in the form of short ebooks, between 25 and 50 pages per book, for 99 cents each. It’s not ready yet, but in the meantime, here’s a tiny snippet of what I’m working on. Enjoy!

          Jacob sat at the end of the bar on the last stool, his glass in his hand. Every few seconds, he glanced at the two people, a man and a woman, talking at the opposite end, who were busy whispering about, what he could only assume, was him. Whenever one of them looked over at him, he would quickly turn away and find some random object inside the bar to stare at: the booths and tables in the dining area, the bartender or the waitresses, the endless wall of framed photos behind the bar. This was his job interview, and so far, it didn’t seem to be going too well.

          “He’s too young,” the woman said. “I have to tell you John, I’m completely against this.”

          “I think he has potential,” John said. “You said so yourself, Lucia: we need fresh blood.”

          “Fresh blood,” Lucia said. “Not young blood. This kid is way too young.” She looked over at Jacob, who had raised his glass to take a sip of his beverage. “Look at him!”

          “What’s wrong with him?” John asked.

          Lucia nodded towards the glass in Jacob’s hand. “He’s drinking chocolate milk, for Christ’s sake!” She spoke in a loud whisper, which got Jacob’s attention. He set his glass down, climbed off of his bar stool, and approached them. 

          “You know, you’ve really got a pair, kid,” John said. Lucia folded her arms. “But I like that.”

         “Thanks,” Jacob said. He used fingers to rake through his sandy-brown hair. “So, am I in, or out?”

         He’s drinking chocolate milk, for Christ’s sake!

          Lucia shook her head. “I don’t like this,” she said. “I don’t like this one bit.”

          “Let’s give him a chance,” John said. He reached up and scratched the back of his head full of jet black hair. “Let’s see how it goes. Lucia?”

          Lucia looked at John in surprise. “Oh, you better not say what I think you’re about to say,” she snapped.

          “There’s no one better for the job,” John said, shrugging his shoulders. “Show him the ropes. It’ll be good for him…and you.”

          Lucia turned to Jacob in disgust. She sighed heavily. “I put bullets in people for a living,” she muttered. “Now I’m a goddamned babysitter.”



June is Valentine Apart Month on woolastonentertainment.com. Stay tuned for more of Lucia and The Saints!

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April 5th and “Rock N Role Model”

After months of writing, re-writing, editing, and struggling, at last, I have published my 25th book. Rock N Role Model is the latest addition to the Our Lady of Righteous Rage franchise. This one is a companion book, much like Novocaine or Biologicals, and it’s a stepping stone to the book I will release later this year, Rise, Resist, Reform.  

Even though the book became available today, April 9, the publication date is listed as April 5.  I chose this date for a few [odd] reasons.

April 5 is Aidan Sirci’s birthday.

Aidan is a character in the series, and to some of my readers, he’s a favorite. When I began writing the series back in 2015, I decided to list certain characteristics about each character: birthdays, favorite colors, physical descriptions, etc. I chose April 5 as Aidan’s birthday.

April 5 is an important date for Our Lady

April 5 is also Zak Bagan’s birthday.

I’m a HUGE fan of the show “Ghost Adventures” on Travel Channel. The truth is, I had forgotten until recently, that lead investigator Zak Bagans happens to share a birthday with my Aidan. Maybe its a silly reason, but I don’t care. 

April 5 is the day Kurt Cobain died.

Aidan actually makes a reference to this in Rowdy. In the first chapter, he asks Amy if she’s aware Kurt Cobain died on his sixteenth birthday. Kurt took his own life on April 5, 1994, and was found on April 8.  

RNRM Cover

April 5 is an important date for Our Lady. April 5 also marks the day a book in the second phase of the Our Lady was published. Phase One covered Amy and company establishing themselves. Phase Two will focus on all the work they’re about to do, and the lives they’re going to change. It will require more song writing, more artwork, and more work in general.  But I love a challenge, and I’m looking forward to continuing the series.  You’ll know Phase One from Phase Two, because the cover designs will differ from one another.

I hope you enjoy Rock N Role Model 🙂

Rock N Role Model on Amazon

The Next Phase of “Our Lady of Righteous Rage”

I recently completed my latest book, which happens to be a companion book to my Our Lady of Righteous Rage series. This book, Rock N Role Model, picks up where Righteous left off: Amy and company have returned from their first national tour, and are working on their next album. In the midst of the songwriting and recording, Amy meets a young fan, and learns the two of them share a very special (and unexpected) connection. This is going to lead into the next book in the series, which will be Rise, Resist, Reform.  

Create Space, the platform I have been using to publish since 2015, merged with KDP, and there have been ups and downs to this merger. The good news is, everything is now in one place. The bad news is, I no longer have access to some of the template I used to create covers. This means, when I continue to publish books in a single series, the covers may have a different  look from one another, which is a bit annoying. 

Then I thought about the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, for you non-nerds out there).  It’s broken up into “phases”, where certain movies are grouped together, based on their stories and release dates. The MCU has three phases:

  1. Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel’s The Avengers
  2. Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man
  3. Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Spider-man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-man and The Wasp, Captain Marvel

I decided to take a nod from the MCU, and be a little creative. So, the Our Lady series is about to start a new phase. Phase One, was the first four (and extended version) books, and five companion books. Amy and her friends growing up, starting the band, business, and wading through the DIY waters. Now that they’ve gone on tour, and established themselves, it’s time for the real fun to begin. This, is Phase Two.

Phase One was personal, but Phase Two will be even more personal, starting with Amy’s first solo companion book, Rock N Role Model. I’m going to pull the characters’ families into the story more than I did in the previous books, and incorporate more song lyrics.  I think its going to be very interesting.

Rock N Role Model will be available in paperback form by the end of next week. 


Celebrate Spring with Our Lady of Righteous Rage!

Spring has officially sprung! The sun  is shining, flowers are in bloom, and temperatures are finally above 50 degrees. This month, Woolaston Entertainment is celebrating Our Lady of Righteous Rage. The next book in the series, Rock N Role Model, will be available towards the middle of the month. To celebrate, I’m going to post blogs devoted to the series. Plus, guest blogger Ebunnygirl will share why she loves the series so much. So, check back often, and I’ll keep you posted! 🙂



What’s in those brownies?

Here’s a little story I wrote, featuring the characters from my Our Lady of Righteous Rage series. Enjoy!

When Amy approached the front doors of the studio/retail store she and her friends shard, she could see the store itself was unusually busy. She figured it would probably be a better idea to use the back door, so she walked to the side of the building, to the rear entrance. As she walked down the hall to the recording studio, she could hear her band mates talking and laughing. She turned the corner and entered the studio, and found Nick and Rob standing around a folding table. Erin was just a few feet away, gesturing for her to come inside. “What’s up?” Amy asked.

“A fan brought us some brownies,” Erin said. She nodded towards the folding table, where a plate full of fudge brownies was sitting. “They’re pretty good.”

“Oh,” Amy said. “Well, that was nice of them.”  She walked over to the  table and helped herself to a brownie. As she bit into it, she could taste the fudge. They were slightly under-baked, which made them even better. “Wow,” she said. “They are good.” 

“We should probably save some for Aidan,” Nick said, chewing on the last piece of the brownie he was eating.  “But he had better hurry up and get here.”

Amy finished her brownie, and before she knew it, she was eating another one. “They’re really good,” she said. “I mean, this is borderline ridiculous.”

Aidan suddenly appeared at the door. He looked around, saw the plate of brownies, and immediately walked up to the table. “Who brought the baked goods?” he asked, grabbing a brownie.

“A fan,” Rob said. “They taste like homemade fudge.”

Aidan nodded in agreement.

Amy took another brownie. “I can’t believe I’m on my third one,” she said.

“Yeah,” Aidan said. “And it was nice of them to add weed to them.”

Nick, Rob, Erin and Amy all stared at him blankly. “What?” Amy said.

Aidan looked around at them. “Weed,” he said. “I mean, I can taste it. Can’t you?”

Amy looked at the last piece of brownie in her hand. Nick and Rob looked at one another. Erin started giggling. 

“Wow,” Aidan said.  “You really didn’t know?”

“No!” Amy shouted. “Are you sure?”

“Yep,” Aidan said.  He sniffed the brownie in his hand, then ate the rest of it. “There’s definitely weed in these brownies. But they’re still good.” 

“Oh my God,” Amy said, setting the uneaten piece of her brownie on the plate. “Oh my God! I just ate weed! Are you kidding me?!”

“I don’t even feel anything,” Rob said.

Aidan nodded. “Wait.”

“I can’t believe this!” Amy said. “I can’t get high!”

“You had three of those things,” Aidan said.  “You’re gonna be high. But it’s okay. I’ve been high plenty of times. You’ll be okay.”

“No!” Amy said. “It’s not okay! I just did drugs, for Christ’s sake!”

Aidan cocked an eyebrow at her. “Hey, every time you take an aspirin for a headache, you’re doing drugs. When you take cold medicine, you’re doing drugs. This really isn’t any different.”

Amy placed her hand over her forehead. “This is too crazy,” she said. 

Adian walked over to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.  “You’re going to be okay,” he said. “I’m gonna walk you through this. The high will wear off, and you’ll be fine. Until then, grab a pad and pencil.”

Amy shook her head. “What for?”

“Songwriting,” Aidan said. “Because I have a feeling you’re gonna come up with some clever shit while you’re stoned out of your mind.”

Rob snickered.  Nick shook his head and said, “Dude.”

Aidan shrugged.  “What?” he said.  “Oh! Do you know what we should do? We should go to my place and watch The Matrix. That movie is awesome when you’re stoned.”

“You would know,” Erin said, quietly.

“I need to go lay down,” Amy said.  She started to walk towards the door.

“Hey, Amy?” Aidan said.

Amy paused. “What?”

Aidan smiled at her. “There is no spoon.”

“Shut up!” Amy shouted. Then she stormed out of the room.

The End.

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Rock N Role Model: a snippet

I unwrapped a cherry cordial Hershey’s kiss, and popped it into my mouth, and gave a sigh of satisfaction. I love these things. They’re the perfect combination of chocolate and cherry. They have a cherry-flavored filling in the center, instead of one of those gross artificial cherries. I looked around the room at my bandmates: my husband Rob, my friends Nick and Aidan. Rob was reading the latest issue of Modern Drummer Magazine. Nick was busy scribbling lyrics in a notebook, while Aidan was scrolling through something on his phone. This is our moment of Zen, before the chaos begins.