Monday Blog: Nov 19, 2018: News for W.E.

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your NaNoWriMo is going well. Between moving to another state and settling in, I haven’t been able to devote as much time to my writing as I would like to. Slowly but surely, I’m getting back on track. This week, I wanted to share some news:

W.E.’s Anniversary

Woolaston Entertainment is turning 24! I’m the mother of a millennial! Isn’t that crazy?! It’s hard to believe that 24 years ago, I found my passion for writing and creating, and developed something wonderful. I’m still thinking of ways to celebrate W.E.’s birthday, so stay tuned!

Online Store

While I was in transit, the online store had to be placed on pause. But, the good news is, I’ve ordered some books to replenish my inventory (I sold everything I had before leaving NY), so I’ll have books for sale again! Buying directly from the W.E. site will save my readers money and time. The titles that will be available next month are Fortune’s Wing and Valentine. I’m looking forward to serving my readers again, and I believe this will be very successful.

Valentine’s Return

Yes, you read that correctly: Valentine is making a comeback. I’m currently working on Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep, which is the final installment of the Valentine Apart series. This book will tie into the plot for my next series, Valentine R. I have some really bold ideas for this series, and I’m certain readers will enjoy it as much as the original. 

The Future of the Monday Blog

I’ve been thinking about getting rid of it for some time now. I’ve decided this year will be the final year of the Monday Blog. Instead, I will post a blog that will not run on a set schedule, which honestly takes a lot of pressure off of me. Post will be uploaded throughout the month, and I’d like to include more work from my fellow writers. I’m still working out the details, so I’ll keep you posted.

Until next week!


Monday Blog: Oct 29, 2018: Erin Michaels: Spooky B

Welcome to the final Monday Blog of October! Sorry its late, but I’m having issues updating my other website. However, despite the technical difficulties, the month is ending on a high note for W.E.: I published my 24th book! Erin Michaels: Spooky B: An OLORR Halloween Book, is now available in paperback form on Amazon.  In this book, Erin covers all of the things that scare her…and all of us.

Publishing was a little challenging. My new laptop didn’t come with Microsoft Word, but thankfully, I was able to use Google Docs instead. Create Space and KDP were recently combined, however, there is a downside: cover design templates. The templates that were available on Create Space, aren’t available in KDP. So, if you’re publshing a book that’s the continuation of a series you started in Create Space, good luck trying to create a similar cover for the continuation of the series. It’s a little annoying, but I’m sure I’ll find  a way around it.



Some of the experiences Erin mentions in Spooky B mirrir my own. For example, when she mentions the Merchant House Museum, that really happened to me. I did see an orb, and I did photograph what I believe is the spirit of a woman from the previous century. The pics are in my instagram account somewhere, and on a flash drive. I’ll re-post when I find them.

Spooky B is available here:

Until next week!

Monday Blog: Oct 22, 2018: Witchcraft & The Age of the Daughter

Hello, everyone! My apologies for the late post. This week, I wanted to share some of the information I have learned while continuing my research for one of my upcoming books, The Age of the Daughter. As you probably know, this is the sequel to The Witch of Fulton Lane. This book is taking longer than I originally planned, because I keep finding info that I want to include in the story. My latest findings, have been very interesting. 


Witch Trials in Europe

Most of us have heard of the Salem Witch Trials, where women (and some men) were accused of witchcraft and were placed on “trial” to determine their guilt or innocence. I’ve been reading about the witch trials in Europe. For instance, in Germany, a device known as the Black Virgin of Nurnberg, was used to determine the guilt of the accused. It’s basically a large coffin, lined with spikes. If you’ve ever watched Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, you’ve seen this device during one of Icabod Crane’s dreams about his mother. 

Another device that was used in England, are the Witch Scales. The accused was placed on one of the scales, while weights were placed on the other. The accused’s weight determined their fate: if the scales maintained perfect balance, the accused was innocent. If not, yet another method was used: “swimming”. The accused’s hands and feet were bound and they were tossed into a lake or pond. If the accused floated to the surface, that was evidence they were in deed a witch. If they sank and drowned, they were innocent. It’s a hell of a thing. 

Triple Goddess Wiccan Symbol


Dianic Wicca

This branch of the religion of Wicca follows the Goddess Diana, and her daughter Aradia. While traditional Wicca honors both male and female gods, Dianic Wicca focuses on the goddess.  Founded in the 1970’s by Zsuzsanna Budapest, it celebrates Diana as the protector of both women and wild nature. There are no male members, only female members and followers discourage violence against women. When I started reading about this branch of the religion I knew it would have a perfect fit in The Age of the Daughter. 

I’m still working on the book, so I’ll keep you posted!

Monday Blog: October 15:Mood Music and Movies

In keeping with the spooky theme of October, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been up to lately. After all, all work and no play makes Nicole a dull (and sleep deprived) girl.

Mood Music

I like to listen to music while I’m writing. I try to listen to music that relates to the particular body of work I’m working on. If I’m writing a piece for Our Lady, I’ll most likely listen to Green Day or The Killers. For Valentine , My Chemical Romance or AFI or Mindless Self Indulgence, does the trick. I’m still working on Erin Michaels: Spooky B, ​so I’ve been listening to anything Goth or Emo-related. My primary go-to, is IAMX. I heard “Look Outside” playing in an episode of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder, and I was instantly addicted. Plus, I’ve been listening to a lot of Bauhaus. One of my favorites: “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”.  Music helps me stay in the mood to write and focus on the subject matter in front of me. In fact, there’s a video on my Instagram account of the draft of Spooky B on my laptop and “Look Outside” playing in the background. 



Of course, I’m still watching movies! AMC’s Fear Fest has been very helpful. I’ve watched several of the Halloween movies this weekend, and A Nightmare on Elm Street last weekend. These are movies that are perfect for this time of year, and I haven’t seen them in a very long time. But hey: you’ve got to get out of the house, right? I’ve been to the movies as well. I’ve seen The Nun, which is part of the Conjuring series. It wasn’t as scary as I had hoped it would be, but it was still worth seeing. I’m debating whether or not I want to see the latest version of Halloween that just came out. Watching the other movies in the series recently has me wondering how Michael Myers is still around and if this movie was even necessary. We’ll see. I’ve also seen Venom. No, it’s not a horror movie, but I’m a Marvel nerd and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It was great, by the way. If you haven’t seen it, GO SEE IT!



I’m still doing resarch for Age of the Daughter. I’ve come across some interesting information, including rituals for Samhain (pronounced sow-win or sow-ween). I may incorporate this information into the book, along with many other things I’ve learned about. 

I have a lot of work ahead of me, but hopefully I’ll have Spooky B ​ready for all of you next week. Until then!

Monday Blog: Oct 8: Erin Michaels is a Spooky B

Welcome to the second Monday Blog post for October! I’m currently working on a special book for Halloween, which should be available by October 21. It’s Erin Michaels: Spooky B, and it’s all about the things that scare us.

Halloween is without a doubt, my favorite holiday. I’m a bit of a Goth at heart, so this is the time of year I can be more of myself. It’s also the perfect time of year, to watch horror movies and find new ways to scare yourself. This made me think about all of the things that have scared me over the years. So,I decided to write a book about those things, and who better to narrate it,than Erin of Our Lady of Righteous Rage. ​She’s going to cover everything, from movies and books, to phobias and the dark. You’ll probably come across some things that scare you, too. And, you may discover some things, you weren’t familiar with. Even though this is going to be a Halloween book, feel free to read it anytime! Below, is a little sample. Enjoy!

Chapter Two
Reagan’s Spiderwalk

        The first movie to legitimately scare the shit out of me, was The Exorcist.  Now, I’m not just talking about a movie that made me jump while I was watching it. I had to sleep with the lights on for awhile after I saw it. Plus, I was kinda young when I saw it (probably too young), which added to my fear. Years later, I read the book the movie was based on. I think William Peter Blatty’s novel ended up scaring me even more than the movie did. I’m a visual person, so when I read something, I visualize what I’m reading. As I read each chapter of the book, I imagined scenes from the movie, so I found myself feeling scared, all over again.
        For anyone who has seen The Exorcist or read the book (or both), you already know what makes it so frightening.  For those of you who have never seen it, you’re probably thinking, “What could be so damn scary about a horror movie from 1973?” For me, it’s a combination of things. First off all, the overall plot: a twelve-year-old girl becomes possessed.  Doctors think she’s just acting out, and needs medication, until serious things start happening…things that can’t be explained away be medical science. When the priests get involved, shit gets real. Second, there are certain memorable scenes from the movie, that stay with you, even after the credits start rolling. Reagan’s head facing the wrong direction is one of the most well-known scenes. The scariest scene (to me, anyway), is her backwards spider walk down the stairs. This scene appears in the uncut version of the movie, and I can still see it in my head. Nothing has ever come close to it–except for that scene in John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness.  Try Googling “spider walk in the mouth of madness” and see it for yourself. Kinda gross. Third reason for scaring me: The Exorcist is based on a true story. Need I say more?
        Movies can be scary. Sure, we tell ourselves, “It’s just a movie!” But, the fear is real, all the same. In the next chapter, I’m going to take a stroll down memory lane, and tell you all about the horror movies that have scared me over time.



The Age of The Daughter

I’m still working on the sequel to The Witch  of Fulton Lane. With W.E.’s relocation, things got a little backed up, and this book will be coming out later than I planned. But, that’s a good thing. It means I can put as much time and effort into it as I want, without racing to meet an impossible deadline. Here’s a small sample below. For a longer preview, check out this link:


 Dylan’s face became serious. “Some witches are evil,” she said, flatly. “But that’s their choice. If you keep looking on that shelf, you’re going to find a copy of The Quran, The Mahabharata, books containing missing books from the Holy Bible, and the Bible itself. I have copies of The Torah and The Talmud, books on Buddhism, Hinduism, as well as Paganism, Neo Paganism, Wicca, and more. I’m a religious person. Being a religious person doesn’t limit me to only one religion. When I read tarot cards for people, I get people from all religions, and all walks of life. No matter what you believe in, it all leads to the same place: a higher power, greater than us, that we all turn to.”



​See you next week…

Monday Blog:October News

It’s the first day of October and the first Monday Blog of the month! Greetings, everyone! October is one of my favorite months of the year. Fall is here, so there’s a chill in the air (so it’s also Hoodie season, which I also love). With Halloween just thirty days away, I like to focus on some of my other interests: things that are Gothic, the paranormal, and anything spooky or weird. To celebrate this month, the theme will be centered around anything spooky or Gothic. I’m working on a special book for Halloween, and there will be tarot card readings throughout the month! So, let’s get started.

Erin Michaels: Spooky B

In case you couldn’t tell, the actual title is Erin Michaels: Spooky Bitch. While “bitch” won’t appear on the cover, it will be featured on the title page inside the book. Erin of the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series returns in her third stand alone book, but this one has a twist: she’s going to share all of the things that scare her (and the rest of us). She’s going to go back to the Victorian Era, and work her way forward to modern times. Books, movies, and superstitions: anything and everything spooky. It’s just a little something I’m putting together for Halloween, and I think everyone who reads it will enjoy it. 


Tarot Readings From Dylan Maycriss

I’m still doing research for The Age of the Daughterwhich is the sequel to The Witch of Fulton Lane. Everytime I learn something new about the history of witches and witchcraft, it leads me to something else I want to research further. I know I will need to stop researching and just write the book at some point, but this is a very interesting topic, and I want to pump as much info as I can into this book. But, I also want to promote it, during the month of October. I thought, what better way, than to have my main character, Dylan Maycriss, the psychic/witch, offer tarot card readings! The readings will be FREE, and available all month long, and if visitors would like to make a donation to my website, they’re welcome to, but it isn’t required in order to receive a reading. This will be for entertainment purposes only, but I want everyone to have fun with this and enjoy it.

Tarot Card Readings, a new book for Halloween, and a dash of spooky: October is going to be a great month. See you next week!

Tarot Readings from Dylan Maycriss

October will soon be upon us, and Halloween is fast approaching. This is the time of year, I like to explore my Gothic side, and my interest in the paranormal, more than usual. This year,I’ve decided to try something new. This October, throughout the month, tarot card readings will be available on, from Dylan Maycriss of The Witch of Fulton Lane.  I wanted to find a new and interesting way to promote the book, along with the upcoming sequel, The Age of the Daughter.  Beginning October 1st, hen you visit my website, there will be a place for visitors to request a FREE tarot card reading from Dylan. I’m considering posting a daily tarot card pick as well, but we’ll play that one by ear for now. There will be an option for visitors to make a donation, but again, this will be optional. Also, please keep in mind the readings will be for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I’m really excited about this and I hope everyone will check it out. 

Blessed be!

The Witch of Fulton Lane