Monday Blog: Mike and Vanessa;

Welcome to yet another exciting post on the Monday Blog! Okay…that might be overdoing it, but hey, whatever! This week’s post will be brief: a little bit about one of W.E.’s earliest comics, and my gig on


Mike and Vanessa

Mike Murnsen and Vanessa Vance of the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series once appeared in their very own comic strip. “Mike and Vanessa”, was one of W.E.’s earliest comics, and it first appeared in the Toonville 1999 Calendar (btw: W.E. has had a few calendars, too!). Toonville was W.E.’s old name, before I changed it to my last name.  The comics were single frame scenes, and mainly concerned jokes about parenting and married life (as I saw it). The sketches were crudely drawn, but the point got across.

I recently posted a gig on, and I have been receiving requests left and right. So many, in fact, I had to place my account on Vacation Mode, until August 24, so I could fill my current orders! If you’ve never used Fiverr, it’s a great place for people to share whatever talents or skills they have, and it’s also great for anyone who is in need of said talents. My gig, is book reviews. I will post a book review for authors on Amazon, B&N, and My starting price is only $5. If you post a gig there, you can set your own price. If you need a book review, check me out! Here’s a link to my page: .


I’m in the process of editing Valentine 5: The Queen’s Fold. It should be ready to be released by the end of next month. Anyone who won a book through my Goodreads giveaways, should receive their books in the mail next week. Until then, keep reading!





Tribute To The Black Parade

I recently purchased a copy of Rock Sound Magazine, which came with a copy of the Black Parade Tribute Album. Before I popped it into my CD player, I had to remind myself of something very important: this is a tribute album. I had to tell myself, “You are not about to hear MCR. Gerard Way’s melodious voice singing “I Don’t Love You” or “Disenchanted”.  With that in mind, I pressed play.

Thirteen different bands cover thirteen tracks of the original Black Parade album (I guess no one wanted to do the hidden bonus track, “Blood”).   Like any member of the MCRmy, I have my favorites from the Black Parade, so I was hoping they wouldn’t be ruined by the other bands. As far as the tribute album goes, I have my likes and dislikes.


State Champs’ cover of “The Sharpest Lives” is pretty sweet. I also liked Crown the Empire’s version of “Welcome to the Black Parade”.  I sort of liked Moose Blood’s “I Don’t Love You”.  That is one of my favorite MCR songs, so I was counting on whoever covered it to do it some justice. Twenty One Pilots’ take on “Cancer” was interesting as well.  It had a techno/electronica vibe to it that I wasn’t expecting, but enjoyed.


Well, you can’t win them all, right? There were only two tracks on this album I wasn’t completely happy about. One, is Creeper’s cover of “This Is How I Disappear”.  It sounded as though they were trying to sound like My Chem, which ruined it for me. The other, is “Disenchanted”, performed by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! “Disenchanted” is one of my favorites, so that was a little disappointing.


Absolute best:

Palisades cover of “House of Wolves”. I loved the emo-screamo towards the end. Ghost Town’s cover of “Mama” and Asking Alexandria’s “Famous Last Words” were definitely on point. My favorite track, belongs to New Years Day. Ash Costello’s cover of “Sleep” is the best cover I’ve ever heard of this song.

Just my humble opinion.