Monday Blog: December 3, 2018: 24!!!!!

It’s December!! Woolaston Entertainment’s unofficial birthday month! I came up with it in the summer of 1994, but to make things easier, I celebrate it’s birthday on the same day as mine: December 1st. Together, we’re another year older, and a little better.

This is the first blog for the month of December, the final month of 2018. I’m going out with a BANG: the online store is up and running! All of June Parris’s titles are available for sale, and so are most of mine. I will add more over the next week or so, but for now, there are plenty of books for readers to choose from. There are also bundles available for specific series, so you can purchase the entire series and save a few coins. Who doesn’t love saving money? 

So, what took me so long to create an online store? Simple: fear of failure. This is something I’m sure many people can relate to. I finally got over my fear, and took a giant leap forward. Rise or fall, this is something I have put off long enough and it’s time to move forward. 

This month I’m celebrating 24 years of writing, drawing, painting, and creating. I will reflect on all things Woolaston Entertainment, and talk about all of the things I’m planning for 2019 as well.

On a side note: The NY Giants won their game on my birthday weekend, so HOORAY!!!! See you next week. 


To Jump or Not To Jump

I don’t know if any fans of Steve Harvey are reading this, but he wrote a very inspirational book, titled Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance. This book is meant to encourage people to do the things they have been too afraid to do. To step out on faith, take chances, and hope for the best. I recently jumped: I moved from New York to Virginia, to get a fresh start and gain some new perspective. Now, you’re probably thinking: people do that sort of thing all the time. Let me tell you how I got here.

Thirteen years ago, my mother and I moved from Virginia to Georgia, to be closer to her family. Her brother (my uncle) Donald, convinced us that our lives would be better if all of us (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) were closer together. The rest of the family had migrated to Georgia from New York and Indiana over the years, and it could be  the first time most of the family would all be living together in one state. So, we moved. I had a cat, which I was forced to give up on the very day we left, because Donald neglected to say, he didn’t want any pets in his house (BTW: we would be staying with him and his girlfriend until we found an apartment). That was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and it still haunts me to this day.

After a few days, it became clear to Mom and I, Donald hadn’t fully discussed his plans with his girlfriend, who flipped out a few times over the fact that we were living in “her” house. Donald ignored the situation, until an argument escalated one night, and he decided to put us out. At midnight one night, Mom and I found ourselves searching for a hotel to stay in, so we basically became homeless. We eventually moved to New York to stay with a great aunt, and after about a year or so, we managed to get an apartment. All of our belongings, however, were in a storage unit in GA, and it took some time (and money) to bring everything to NY. 

Fast forward a few years, to a landlord who never mentioned his house was in foreclosure, and evicted all of his tenants, including us. Another one of my uncles, Arthur, heard about our situation, and offered us a place to stay at his house in GA. He also said he had made an investment in Iraqi dinars that he was about to cash in, and he would share some of the money with us. We moved our belongings into another storage unit in NY, and returned to GA. As it turned out, Arthur hadn’t been paying his mortgage either, and was on the verge of losing his home, because he had spent all of his money on Iraqi dinars and had stopped working. If my mother and I had known any of this prior to moving, we would have stayed in NY. Once Arthur realized we knew things were falling apart for him, he put us out. Once again, we found ourselves homeless. Again, a great aunt took us in, in NY. (BTW: Arthur later lost his house and was forced out by the bank).

Here we are, in 2018. My great aunt passed away, and once again, my mother and I found ourselves having to make some tough decisions. We decided, it was time to JUMP. It was time to make some real changes. Family had put us in this position in the past. My great aunt’s son would eventually sell the house that had been left to him, and we would want us to move. So, what was the next step? Remain in overpriced NY, or live somewhere that was affordable? We were paying $600 a month for a room. We could pay that or slightly more for an entire apartment in VA. So, we jumped, and we moved back to VA, where I had spent my childhood.

Now, I’m not telling you this in order to gain sympathy. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me in any way, because I don’t feel sorry for me. I gave my family a chance (several chances, in fact) to be a part of my life, and they screwed me over every time. But hey: the universe sees all, and payback always comes around. Donald cheated on his girlfriend, put her out of the house, and married the woman he cheated with. Things aren’t going so well between them now. Arthur lied to us and his children about losing the house, and he eventually did lose it, and had to live with other relatives. I don’t think he has accepted the “Iraqi dinar scam” yet, though. So, why am I telling you all of this? 

I want everyone who reads this, to remember something: you can NEVER give up. Life is hard. The people you think should have your back, often don’t. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation you didn’t ask for. But, it’s moments like that that define us. You learn who you are; how strong you can be. I’ve been homeless more times than I ever expected to be. I’ve had $5 left to my name, and have had to chose between eating, or putting gas in my car in order to get to work to keep my job. I’ve sold the jewelry I inherited from my grandmothers, in order to eat. I’ve lost precious things, and given up a lot of things that matter to me. I’ve even been robbed. But, through it all, I’m still here. 

By moving from NY to VA, I JUMPED. I’m literally staying in a hotel with my mother, until we find an apartment (which will be soon, hopefully). The future is very uncertain, but that isn’t a first for me. I’ve been here before. Sometimes, you have to step out on faith. Sometimes, you just have to believe that things will work themselves out. Sometimes, you just have to JUMP. 

Monday Blog: Back to School; WE is Relocating!

It’s September, everyone! Fall is fast approaching, which means it’s time for students to go back to school. This month, I’m going to discuss the series I’ve written, which series is appropriate to younger readers vs older readers, and there will be a few discounts for eBooks! Plus: I have a BIG announcement concerning the future of W.E.

Back To School

Did you have a Summer Reading list? Did you finish it? Not to worry! With the first day of school approaching, you can still read some new books and start the school year on a high note. If you like fantasy, Fortune’s Wing is the book for you. If you prefer action and drama, you may want to give Valentine a try. If you like punk rock or musical fiction, Our Lady of Righteous Rage may be your thing. Like paranormal stories with ghosts and witches? You my like The Witch of Fulton Lane. The online store is currently out of stock, with the exception of a few copies of the censored version of Our Lady, but you can always purchase my books via Amazon’s website.

New WE Logo


Woolaston Entertainment is Relocating!

I have some news. Woolaston Entertainment will be relocating! I will be moving W.E. (and myself) to Virginia. This is something I have been considering for a long time, and now it looks like it’s going to happen. I am taking my baby back to its original home, in Hampton. With the sale of all of the first editions of the books I published thru Xlibris, I will be able to start fresh with copies of the newer editions. This means, I will be able to expand the online store. So, I’m in the process of making this happen, and I will keep everyone posted throughout the process.

While I’m in transit between NY and VA, the Monday Blog may not be available on However, it will be available on my WordPress site: Until next Monday!


Relocating is always an interesting process–especially if you run an online business. Woolaston Entertainment and I have been living in New York for several years now, and somehow, I’ve managed to make things work. However, things happen in life that you’re not always prepared for, and you have to be able to roll with the punches.

I recently had a death in my family. My great aunt of 94 years passed away. This, along with several other events in my life, made me reevaluate a few things. After some very careful thought, I decided it was time for me to move on. New York is draining me dry, and I feel like I’ve accomplished all that I can here.  I was born here, but I was raised in Virginia. I went to school there. I fell in love with reading and writing there. I created Woolaston Entertainment there. Even though I am a native New Yorker, and I’ve lived here for 13 years, Virginia is my home. So, this move is less about relocating, and more about going home.

I knew, once this decision became final, and one I announced it, a few people weren’t going to be happy with me, and that’s unfortunate. I’ve spent the better part of my existence, working to make other people happy. I have an opportunity to do something good for both myself and my business, and I would be foolish not move forward. 

To all of my New York readers and followers: I am not abandoning you! This is what the internet is for. We can stay in touch with one another via social media, and the Woolaston Entertainment website. I hope everyone who reads this, will keep reading my work. To quote a line from  Fall Out Boy’s “THNKS FR TH MMRS”, I’ve “been looking forward to the future”.


Just wanted to share some fantastic news! All of my copies of 1st editions of Fortune’s Wing and Valentine are officially SOLD OUT! GONE! FINITO! I am so excited about this, because it means I can start fresh with the new editions I published via Amazon’s Create Space. SO, the Xlibris editions are finally gone. All orders will be fulfilled this week, so thanks again!!! 

Scheduling Facebook Posts Saves Me Time

When you’re an indie author, or a business owner (or both), you spend a lot of time promoting your product, website, service, or whatever. Promoting can be time consuming. The time I spend, posting on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc, is time I’d rather spend writing. However, its necessary, and it does work. Facebook posts and tweets help me drive traffic to my website, which creates awareness of me and my books, which leads to sales, via Amazon or my online store. But, like I said, creating all of those posts is time consuming. I recently stumbled upon a feature on Facebook which I have found to be extremely helpful.

I’m on Facebook Messenger, and Messenger frequently sends me info about tips to use for my business Facebook page. Normally, I ignore most of these tips, because I am bombarded by messages on Messenger, 24/7. There was one tip that caught my attention: Scheduling a post. It had never occurred to me, to SCHEDULE some of my posts. I decided to give it a try, and sat down and created five posts, and scheduled them to be posted at different times on a given day. I checked my page later on, to see if all of my posts had been posted, and they had, on time. I have to admit, this lifted a small weight off of my shoulders. I could create content for my page in one sitting, and choose when I wanted it to appear on the page. I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I had posted enough content on a particular day, throughout the day. This gave me time to focus on other things, such as writing and editing my next round of books. 

The Facebook Page for Woolaston Entertainment, my business


this lifted a small weight off of my shoulders

Some of you are probably aware of this, but it was new to me. If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot. And it’s very simple: when you create a post, instead of clicking on POST, click the arrow next to the word “post”, and select “schedule” from the drop-down menu. Or, create a post, and select “post options” at the bottom of your post. Click on the arrow next to “now”, then click “schedule”. From there, you can choose a specific date and time for the post to appear. As a side note, I’d recommend scheduling your posts during the time of day your page sees the most traffic. You can determine this by clicking on the “insights” tab, on the top of the page. I’m in love with this feature, and I plan to use it more often!