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Adolescence, Punk Rock and Feline Characters

I’m always happy to hear a reader has enjoyed one of my books!


What are three things Our Lady of Righteous Rage combines that no other book combines? Adolescence, punk rock and feline characters. Yes, this sounds like a very odd combination…until you read the book.

Our Lady of Righteous Rage is an indie book that traces the lives of a group of friends growing up in late 1990’s/early 2000’s New York. What makes this particular group of friends unique, is the fact they’re anthropomorphic cats. Of course, once you start reading Our Lady, you won’t even care about that. You’ll be focusing on the characters and their journey from childhood to adulthood, and all of the little misadventures in between. They want to start a punk rock band, and a business, and the road to either is paved with good and bad experiences that any reader can relate to. Some of them get married; some get divorced. They experience high school graduations…

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