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Books by June E. Parris:

The Kindness of Strangers: Published 1/9/2016      38 pages Fiction/Paranormal
After a beautiful wedding, newlywed couple Naomi & Mike decide to get away and go on a road trip. They come across a simple cabin in the woods, where they meet a humble couple with big hearts. Naomi and Mike’s greatest surprise comes when they try to return to thank the couple for their kindness, and learn a valuable lesson about life itself.

A Rose Left Behind: Published 2/10/2018      58 pages Fiction/Paranormal
Myra French and her mother Georgia, have just moved in with Myra’s grandmother, in her cottage. As they begin to settle in, Myra discovers an interesting secret about her grandmother’s home: there’s a chance it may be haunted! Who is this spirit, and what does she want? The answer will lead Myra and her family on a journey into the past… 

A New England Serial Killer: Published 1/6/ 2020        90 pages Fiction/Thriller Jack McCarthy has just returned to his childhood New England home with his new bride, Diana. The two of them look forward to starting their new life together, and starting new businesses, while running Jack’s family’s furniture business. However, a dark cloud seems to hang over the  household. Several murders begin to occur, and bizarre behavior from certain staff members at the McCarthy house lead Jack to wonder exactly what is going on….

The Resurrection of Georgia: coming soon!

Books by Nicole E. Woolaston

Fortune’s Wing Series

Fortune’s Wing Fortune Oyama is haunted by dreams of a ruined world; a world he couldn’t save.  He doesn’t understand his dreams until he meets a well-dressed elderly man, on the day before his eighteenth birthday.  This stranger informs him, he is part of a prophecy to either save or destroy the world, and a Left Wing will grow from his back.  Fortune doesn’t believe any of this, until a Left Wing springs out of his back the morning of his birthday.  This sends him on a quest to recover the Right Wing, and complete the set.  Even with his sister and his friends at his side, Fortune must face the members of the Winged Seven: a group led by a man who wants to use the power of the Wings for evil.  Published 4/22/2015      72 pages Fiction/Fantasy Age 12 and older

Fortune’s Wing: Second Flight Fortune and his friends prepare to go on his “second flight”, or the second half of his journey.  This time, Fortune must travel to The End of the Earth, where he must decide the fate of the world.  Along the way, he continues to encounter the members of the Winged Seven, and he even learns more about the Wings he’s responsible for.  But, there’s a surprise waiting for him, at his final destination…  Published 4/20/2015      96 pages

Fortune’s Wing: Flies Again: As the world slowly draws to a close, it’s fate still rests in Fortune Oyama’s hands. However, Demetri and the remaining members of the Winged Seven are still on his trail, and they’re not giving up without a fight. Fortune must return to the altar at The End of the Earth, and make his decision, but the choice will be much more difficult than he and his friends could ever have imagined…  Published 2/16/2017      70 pages


Valentine Series

Valentine When you work for John Rafferty, the only way to quit is to see him in person. But when Vincent Entienne goes all the way to California to see Rafferty and doesn’t return, his daughter Val suspects foul play. Val, known to many as “Valentine”, decides to make a road trip from Chicago to California to find him. If he’s alive, she’ll bring him home. If he’s dead, she’ll avenge his death. But this road trip won’t be easy: Val knows she’s being followed, and when she picks up an orphan named Melinda, things become even more complicated. Even if Val makes it to California, she may not be prepared for the new dangers that will follow…           Published 4/23/2015      140 pages Fiction/Adventure/Crime Ages 17 and older

Valentine 2: The Patron Saint Val and her family are ready to settle down and live a “normal” life.  However, the arrival of a stranger with a completely unexpected secret forces Val back into her role as Valentine.  A new enemy appears, one who wants both Val and Lola dead! Plus, Val will be forced to confront her past, and learn the reason everyone is afraid of the name Valentine…  Published 4/22/2015      130 pages

Valentine 3: Queen of Hearts Val is learning to accept her reputation, and who she is. Several new people enter her life…and most of them are hitmen. Val is finally going to learn the in’s and out’s of The Syndicate: the network of crime bosses, criminals and hitmen to which, unfortunately, she and her family are part of. A war is on the horizon, and there’s no telling who will survive.   Published 12/18/2015      146 pages

Valentine 4: Past and Present The war between Rafferty and Valentine is getting worse, and The Syndicate doesn’t want to get involved. Plus, Lola, Mac and Val will be forced to deal with their painful pasts, and discover the truth behind the deaths of their loved ones.      Published 1/14/2017      98 page

Valentine 5: The Queen’s Fold  The epic conclusion has arrived! The war between John Rafferty and Val Entienne is about to come to a violent end. Val is ready to face Rafferty one last time, in order to save herself and her family. Published 9/23/2017      122 pages

valentine apart

Valentine Apart Series

Allan and Mac Allan Avery and his sister Mackenzie “Mac” Avery both work as hit men, and they’re pretty good at their jobs.  What sets them apart from the others, is the unorthodox manner in which they carry out each hit.  But, as good as they are, the Avery’s are about to get in way over their heads.  Meet Allan and Mac here, then see them again in Valentine 3!  Published 4/25/2015    88 pages Fiction/Humor/Crime Ages 17 and older

Her Name is Lola Vencent Before she worked for John Rafferty as a “Valkyrie”, Lola was a college student by day and a hitwoman by night. This story reveals how she entered the Syndicate, and how she met Vincent and Victor Entienne, and established her reputation.  Published 1/21/2017      74 pages

Jo Fuentes: The Black Queen Upon returning home from a tour of duty in Iraq, Lance Corporal Josefina “Jo” Fuentes enters a new line of work. She becomes a hitwoman for the Syndicate, working under Kelly McCormick. Kelly is aware of Jo’s unusual skillset, and offers her several jobs. As Jo’s reputation grows, another member of the Syndicate decides to keep an eye on her… Published 1/21/2017      100 pages

Young Kelly McCormick Kelly is the daughter of Michael McCormick, a known and trusted member of the Syndicate: the underground network of criminals, mob bosses and hitmen. Kelly begins to prove her worth to the Syndicate by doing a series of jobs for some of the bosses.  However, when a personal matter arises, Kelly finds herself in a position that will show everyone just how valuable she is. This is the story of how Kelly McCormick from the “Valentine” series, entered the Syndicate.   Published 8/20/2018      83 pages

Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep Time has passed since Valentine had her final showdown with John Rafferty, and moved out of New York. Everyone is trying to move on with their life, including Lance Corporal Jo Fuentes. As she continues to work for Kelly McCormick, she has dreams about her time overseas as a Marine, and suspects she being followed. Her suspicions lead her back to Project Sleep: the government project where she and five other soldiers trained to become an elite unit of assassins. Jo suddenly finds herself in the middle of what appears to be a conspiracy to kill her and the other members of Project Sleep. Can she get to the bottom of it and answer all of her questions, before someone silences her forever?    Published 1/3/2020      104 pages

our lady

Valentine R Series

This is the next phase of Val Entienne’s life, as she returns to the world of the Syndicate. Coming in 2023.

Our Lady of Righteous Rage Series

As of February 2021, the Our Lady series has brand new covers!

Our Lady of Righteous Rage New York youth in the new millennium…punk rock and teenage dreams…and cats. Lots of cats.
 Amy Edwards is a cat girl with a dream: to become a great guitarist and help her friends form a band.  She also wants to help her friend Vanessa realize her dream of starting a business, owned and operated by young people.  However, Amy’s boyfriend David may be holding her back. Will Amy and her friends make their dreams come true, or will fate deal everyone a different hand? Written in the style of William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, here’s a tale of friendship, love and rock ‘n roll!  Published 2/14/2015     316 pages Fiction/Urban/Coming-of-age Ages 17 and older

Our Lady of Righteous Rage: Extended and Uncensored This is an UNCENSORED version of the story, published the way I originally intended. Amy Edwards and company experience life, from their teen years to adulthood, unfiltered. Plus, bonus material is included: samples from upcoming books, and Amy’s “fake” interview with Rolling Stone!  Published 9/11/2015     380 pages

Your Fame Will Destroy You  In this sequel to Our Lady of Righteous Rage, Amy and company are learning to accept their new lives in the spotlight. But fame comes with a heavy cost: their privacy. Someone close to them may be acting against them.  Each member is about to deal with matters they’d rather not display to the public, but with the scandal-hungry media always on their tails, they may not have a choice! Published 2/20/2016     206 pages

Rowdy The members of the band Our Lady of Righteous Rage finally know who is behind all of their negative press, and unfortunately, it’s someone they all know. Still, the band decides to carry on, and try and make new music. Nick finds himself unable to write new music, and Aidan is still dealing with trouble between himself and his father. The band begins to succumb to their vices, and slowly falls apart. If they’re ever going to make music together again, they will have to deal with their personal problems once and for all, and focus on what brought them together in the first place: music.     Published 11/1/2016   202 pages                                            

Righteous The band hits the road and goes on their first national tour! The only problem: David’s band Stereotype is going on tour at the same time, and playing the same cities. The two bands clash along the way, and between the sound checks and the fights, Our Lady is going to have a lot of trouble on their hands… Published 4/18/2018     272 pages

Forward Motion As time marches forward, so do the members of Our Lady of Righteous Rage and everyone at Urban Collective. The group decides it’s time to establish a real record label, and they even consider adding an outside band to their roster. But who will it be? Will this latest addition bring problems along with their music? Plus, Erin is going through some interesting changes…Published 12/20/2021     226 pages (Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover available)

Our Lady of Righteous Rage Companion Books

Punk and Whiskers A collection of short stories, featuring characters from Our Lady.  Stories include Nick finding an evil guitar, the band having a time traveling experience, and more. Published 4/13/2017     106 pages

Novocaine Erin Michaels’s  life is seemingly normal: she’s an avid reader, writer,  and is looking forward to graduating from high school.  Then, she and her mother receive a phone call from her Uncle Nikos, and all hell breaks loose. Erin’s world is turned completely upside down, and she and her mother find themselves struggling to survive.  Just when Erin thinks she’s reached the end of her rope, she discovers the power of music, which leads her to a band named Our Lady of Righteous Rage…      Published 10/8/2015     162 pages

Another Shot of Novocaine  (The sequel to Novocaine) Erin Michaels is loving life. She’s the Social Media expert for a retail store known as the Urban Collective in New York City. She maintains the website for a famous punk rock band, Our Lady of Righteous Rage. She’s about to go on tour with them, and, she’s about to turn twenty-five. Things couldn’t be better…and then a familiar face suddenly re-appears in her life.
Erin and her father haven’t spoken to one another since she was a child. Her parents divorced when she was young, and since then her father has been out of her life. When he shows up at her job one day, and says he wants to talk, Erin doesn’t know what to make of the situation. Plus, he’s about to drop a bomb on her comfortable life…         Published 6/2/2017     82 pages

Dee Seybrook: Rock N Roll Diva Our Lady of Righteous Rage heads out on their first national tour, which means Aidan and Dee are going to be spending a lot of time apart. While Aidan is on the road, Dee finds herself contemplating her current taste in music. She’s always loved Hip-Hop and R&B, and she listens to Punk rock because of her husband’s band. With Aidan away, she decides to test new waters, and discovers a side of herself, she never knew existed. However, her sudden interest in rock, has Dee and others questioning her identity. One way or another, Dee Seybrook is about to transform into Dee Seybrook: Rock n’ Roll Diva! Published 1/31/2018     82 pages

Biologicals Jon’s birth parents decide they want to reconnect with him, only, he doesn’t exactly feel the same way. He’s happy with things just the way they are: he has his mother, stepfather, good friends and a band.  And what exactly do his biological parents want, anyway? He suspects their reasons are related to money. Jon is about to learn, being a family is about more than blood.  ​Published 7/9/2018     104 pages

Rock N Role Model  Our Lady of Righteous Rage has returned from their tour with a mission: record their next album, and release a single. Amy is happy to have everything in her life in place, just they way she wants it to be, until she comes across a young fan. When the two of them meet face to face, they learn they share a very special connection; one neither of them could have prepared for…  Published 4/5/2019     127 pages

I Probably Should Have Kept That to Myself In his first solo book, bassist Aidan Sirci agrees to spend a weekend in Las Vegas with his brothers. It’s supposed to be a bonding experience, however Aidan isn’t looking forward to it at all. Between the gambling, the booze, and the tight quarters in the hotel room, the Sirci brothers are about to learn a few truths about one another, and Aidan is about to give them a dose of his unfiltered, totally honest personality, whether they want it or not. Published 10/19/2020     101 pages

Biologicals 2: The Step Chronicles Stephanie “Step” Gallant is an eleven going on twelve middle school student with a passion for punk rock. She films videos of herself playing her guitar and uploads them to a YouTube channel her parents know nothing about. She spends time at the public library searching for books on punk and guitars. And, she listens to the music of her favorite bands, including Our Lady of Righteous Rage, her personal favorite. She idolizes the band’s female lead singer, Amy Edwards, who happens to bear a remarkable likeness to her. Whenever Step finds herself in the middle of her parents’ broken relationship, she escapes to her world of music and books, where she feels truly free. But Step’s world is about to change in ways she never could have dreamed of, and it’s all because of her favorite band… Published 7/22/2021 106 pages

A Theft on Canvas: Carmen Portez is an artist and the owner of Portez Art Gallery. Aside from featuring her own artwork, Carmen provides space for up and coming artists to showcase their work. A new artist meets with her to have a show, but there seems to be a problem with his portrait. During a show, a patron claims the artist is a fraud! Can Carmen sort everything out and save the reputation of her studio, before it’s too late? Debuting on Patreon and now available as a paperback! Published 3/30/2023 36 pages

Homeward Bound: Erin takes a trip down memory lane, all the way to Virginia where she grew up. It’s time for her Ten Year High School Reunion, and she’s been asked to appear as a guest speaker at the next graduation ceremony. But things aren’t exactly as she remembers, and if she’s going to get through this trip, she’s going to need some emotional support. She brings some of her friends with her, but that may not be enough to help Erin deal with things she’d rather not remember. Who says you can’t go home again? And who says you should? Debuting on Patreon and now available as a paperback! Published 3/31/2023 141 pages

lucia and the saints

Lucia and the Saints Series

Lucia and the Saints: Volume One John Rafferty has decided to become a self-made man. However, he has no idea what he’s doing. Enter Lucia Milazzo: a beautiful young woman who seems to know a lot about the criminal underworld. When a chance meeting brings the pair together, John quickly discovers, Lucia may be the key to his success. But in order to work together, Lucia and John are going to have to learn to trust one another… Published 7/5/2019     40 pages Fiction/Crime Ages 17 and older

Lucia and the Saints: Volume Two Now that Lucia and John have decided to trust one another, it’s time for them to get to work. If John’s going to become a “self-made man”, he’s going to need money, and lots of it. While he may be clueless as to how to get this money, Lucia demonstrates just how savvy she can be. School is in session, and John is about to get a lesson in what it means to be part of Lucia’s world. Meanwhile, the Lady Saints receive their first client…  Published 7/12/2019     45 pages

Lucia and the Saints: Volume Three John Rafferty is finally becoming the business man he has always wanted to be, and he owes his success to Lucia Milazzo. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, Lucia Calderon and the Lady Saints have a problem, and his name is Brian. Who is he and what does he want from Saint Lucia? Saint Lucia is determined to find out, and so is Saint Ava… Published 7/20/2019     38 pages

Lucia and the Saints: Volume Four In New Orleans, the Lady Saints are doing well. They have gained new clients and have plenty of work to keep them busy. However, they still have a man named Brian to worry about. Meanwhile, John Rafferty and Lucia Milazzo decide to buy another nightclub, this time its in Chicago. While the men involved with the sale don’t seem to take Lucia seriously, she’s about to show them why they shouldn’t underestimate her. And the connection between Lucia Milazzo and Lucia Calderon is about to be revealed! Published 8/2/2019     51 pages

Lucia and the Saints: Volume Five It’s been a few years since John and Lucia met, and became business partners. Things are going well: the night clubs are making money, John has acquired new territories and he’s moving up in the Syndicate. He knows he owes his success to Lucia. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, the Lady Saints are about to complete a task that will give them a completely new identity… Published 10/18/2019     42 pages

Lucia and the Saints: Volume Six Lucia and John’s relationship is changing. As he continues to grow his businesses, she sees a darker side of him emerge. Lucia is beginning to question her role in John’s life. Should she stay, or is it time for her to move on? In New Orleans, the Lady Saints have found a new purpose, as the past and present collide in this finale of Lucia and the Saints.  Published 10/26/2019     51 pages

The Witch of Fulton Lane Series

The Witch of Fulton Lane Josie and Stephen Roman have just moved into their brand new home on Fulton Lane. They become acquainted with the neighborhood and their new neighbors. However, Fulton Lane has a secret: a young woman named Dylan Maycriss, who comes from a family of witches, and is herself, a witch. And as if that isn’t strange enough, the local police find themselves dealing with a series of bizarre and violent murders. Josie and Dylan begin to interact with one another, and more strange things begin to happen. The lives of these two women are about to intersect in ways they never could have imagined…          Published 11/17/2017     141 pages Fiction/Urban/Paranormal Ages 17 and older

The Age of the Daughter As Dylan, Cassandra and Lilith work to make their lives return to normal, Josie decides she wants to learn more about their beliefs. A strange energy begins to sweep across the country:  a rise in female authority and strength. There is a group of Dianic Wiccans who believe in a movement known as The Age of the Daughter: a time in which women shall come into power and walk in the ways of men. Dylan is skeptical of this, until a series of events reported in the media lead her to the conclusion a terrible event is on the horizon. Dylan’s supernatural powers lead her to the Dianic Wiccans, a potential threat to the world as we know it, and a strange young girl with whom she shares a connection…. Published 8/19/2020 115 pages

Barrin Heights

Barrin Heights A brand new house in a brand new subdivision. Freshly paved streets, well manicured lawns…and rules that must be followed. Park your car in the driveway. Make sure the light bulb in your street lamp is working. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Follow the rules, or face the consequences….
This is what Lena Scott and her nephew James are slowly learning. They have just moved into a new subdivision in the brand new town of Barrin, Georgia. The town and the neighborhood seem to have everything they need: a new job for Lena and a great school for James, plus grocery stores, shopping malls, and plenty of entertainment. And as long as they follow the rules, they’ll be okay. But some of the rules are a bit extreme, and one by one, the population of Barrin is becoming smaller and smaller. Lena and James are going to need to fit in, or else.. Coming soon! Start reading it on Patreon! Fiction/Urban/Paranormal Ages 17 and older

Erin Michaels: Spooky B Series

Erin Michaels: Spooky B “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. “The Exorcist”. The darkness, noises around the house, and that thing that you think is living under your bed. These are   all of the things that scare Erin Michaels…and possibly the rest of us. With Halloween approaching, this is fun way to celebrate the holiday, and reflect  on all the things that frighten us. From movies to phobias to things that go bump in the night, Erin covers it all. So turn the lights down low, light a few   candles, and settle in as Erin walks you through all of the things that make her, one spooky B…  Published 10/28/2018     37 pages

Erin Michaels: Spooky With A Side of Creepy She’s back! Erin Michaels has returned with another Halloween book, filled with more interesting spooky facts. From books to movies to those creepy cryptids, Erin shares the things that scare her in this sequel to “Spooky B”! Published 10/19/2020 51 pages

Specialty Books

Woolaston Entertainment Presents: 25 Twenty-five years ago, Nicole Woolaston sat down, and drew a sketch of a character she had created. Building off of this, the books she had been writing for herself since early childhood, and all of the art she had created, something slowly began to take shape. This something is Woolaston Entertainment: a collection of books, art, short stories, comics and more. While she was content to work on her projects in private, she eventually realized, Woolaston Entertainment was becoming too big to be contained in the confines of her home. After seeking a publisher for one of her books, she finally found a way to get her work in print. The rest, is history. ​This is a celebration of twenty-five years of work. It’s also a memoir of sorts: the creator has poured many of her own thoughts and experiences into her creation, and this book is a collection of twenty-five of the best things about Woolaston Entertainment. Inside these pages, are facts and personal stories about the books and other elements that make up W.E.. You are invited to explore the history and foundation of a truly creative world. Published 12/11/2019     112 pages (Oversized, full color)

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