Monday Blog: Fortune’s Wing Graphic Novel



Hello, everyone. Welcome to the final Monday Blog for the month of August. This week’s topic: the Fortune’s Wing Graphic Novel. I began drawing it several years ago, and never finished it. Sad, right? Anyway, it was going to follow the same story as the three books, with Fortune Oyama learning about his destiny, growing a Left Wing, and setting out on a journey to a) find the Right Wing, and then b) save or destroy the world. Being a fan of Japanese manga, the completed Fortune’s Wing GN would have been in black and white.

What you see with this post, is a page from the draft I started working on. Fortune is telling his sister Haverdy about his dreams about the world coming to an end. I’d like to complete this GN, and start a few new ones as well. When I’ve published a few more books, I’ll have more time to work on them.

Next month is September, and its Back-To-School time! I will donate W.E. books to libraries here in the states and abroad. There’s a town called Woolaston, in the UK, near Bream, and they have a library! How cool is that? Plus, Valentine 5 should be ready for all to enjoy. Until next week…





Monday Blog: 1995: The Obsession Begins


Greetings, everyone. Welcome to the first Monday Blog for August 2017. This month’s theme concerns WE comics. Today, I’d like to take you on a little trip, all the way back to 1995….


WE was only seven months old or so. During the summer of 1995, I started watching a lot of anime, and my interest in manga (graphic novels) was beginning to stir. I woke up early every weekday morning to watch Sailor Moon on UPN (or My9, or whatever it’s called now). I rented a ton of VHS tapes from Blockbuster Video, since their anime section was fairly decent. I was able to see Slayers and Akira. This led me to create a comic of my own: the Enos series I’ve mentioned in previous blogs.  I drew the first of what was going to be a series of comics, in 1996, but decided I could write the book faster than draw a comic, so Enos became a series of books instead.

Every time I rented an anime video from Blockbuster, I made a list of all of the previews which aired before the feature. Then I’d look for those other titles. In high school, I discovered Animerica Magazine, which exposed me to a whole new world of anime and manga titles to explore. I read Galaxy Express 999, which led me to Queen Emeraldas and Captain Harlock. But, I wasn’t only interested in shojo (girl’s) material; I later discovered Kohta Hirano’s Hellsing manga, and watched both versions of the anime that followed. Blue Seed, El Hazard, Dirty Pair, Cutie Honey, Bubblegum Crisis, Bastard!, Sorcerer Hunters, The Devil Lady, Neon Genesis Evangelion…I could keep going and going. All of these titles and more, inspired the WE comics, which later inspired the WE books.


Apart from Enos, I drew humorous comics, and used some of the characters you’ve met in the Our Lady books.  Dee had her own series, titled Seybrook, while Amy and David were featured in Sarconi. Mike and Vanessa, were featured in Mike and Vanessa. These three comics became part of a calendar I created in 1998.

Who would have thought, all those years of watching anime and reading manga, would lead to this point? It just goes to show you: your hobbies may not necessarily be a complete waste of time.


Until next week…