The Dark Side of Valentine

“I’ll kill you myself. I’ll kill you in the most violent way I can think of.”



If you’ve read the books in the Valentine series, you may have noticed, the story started out with mild violence, which progressed as the story continued. Yes, bullets have been fired and people have been shot. In fact, a few people have died. In a story involving a girl who carries a pair of handguns and is friends with a lot of hit men and hit women, there has to be some sort of body count.

The Val Entienne you have come to know in the previous books in the series, is going to change in book 4. She’s a little darker; she has to be. Now more than ever, Val wants to protect her family, and this time, the threat isn’t an assumed one. This time, the threat is very, very real. Rafferty has made it clear, he wants Val dead.  So, it’s kill or be killed.

You can expect a few deaths in this part of the story. Not to include any spoilers, but keep an eye on Val’s demeanor, from here on, because it’s going to change.



Sample from “Valentine 4” (coming soon!)

. “Interesting,” Kelly said.  “Would you like Jo to shoot her for you?”

“I could,” Jo said.

Veronica came back into the living room. “What?” she said.

“Or one of us could do it,” Mac said.

“I’d be glad to do it,” Lola said.

“Why don’t we draw straws?” Jo asked.

Val looked around at the faces of her friends, laughed. “Oh my God,” she said. “All my friends are killers. How did that happen?”

Our Lady of Righteous Rage Gets “Rowdy”

Wonderful news, everyone! “Rowdy” has been published and is finally available for sale! You can purchase a copy through Amazon for now. I will have copies available to order via within the next few days. This is the third book in the “Our Lady of Righteous Rage” series (the fourth book in the franchise), and the eleventh book I have published. I wanted to delay the release date until November, so that my 11th book would come out in the 11th month of the 11th year I have been interested in punk rock.

I hope anyone who reads “Rowdy” enjoys it, and I’ll keep on writing!

Preview of “Rowdy”

“Rowdy”, part three of the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series, is coming out at the end of the month. Here’s a little preview: Chapters 1-2. Enjoy!


Chapter One



            I was sitting on the couch inside the recording studio at Urban Collective, scanning an article in Alternative Press magazine. If anyone had asked me what the article was about, I couldn’t have told them. I wasn’t reading it; not really. There were words and pictures on the page, but all I could see was red. I’d never been so pissed off in all my life. My friends and I had been busting our asses to make a name for our band, and my idiot ex-husband was working to destroy it all! Who the hell does that?

            “Did you know Kurt Cobain died on my sixteenth birthday?”

            I looked up from the magazine to see Aidan, sitting across from me on a stool, scrolling through his phone. He looked up from the screen and smiled at me. “That’s pretty trippy, right?”

            I shook my head and sighed. “I’m sorry, Aidan,” I said. “I completely forgot you were here. I’m still so angry about this whole thing with David.”

            “I know,” Aidan said. He slid his phone into his back pocket, and clasped his hands in his lap. “So, what are we gonna do about him?”

            “I don’t know yet,” I replied. “Nick said he wanted to talk to David, one on one. And Rob…well, Rob just wants to kick his ass.” I set the magazine down on the cushion next to me. “So does Jon.”

            “Well, you can add my name to that list, too,” Aidan said. “Piece of shit. What was he thinking?”

            I shook my head at the idea. “To think we used to be friends,” I said. “I mean, I always believed we would still have that, you know? I believed, even if we didn’t work out as a couple, we could at least hold on to our friendship. I guess I thought wrong.”

            Aidan smiled at me. “David never knew what he had when he was with you,” he said. “That’s why he’s so pissed off. He lost the greatest thing that ever happened to him.”

            “Aidan?” I said, feeling my eyes becoming watery. “Dude, don’t say stuff like that! You’re gonna make me cry.”

            “It’s the truth!” Aidan insisted. “Losing you fucked him up.”

            At that moment, Nick walked in, and plopped down beside me. “Hey,” he said, with a sigh. “What’s up?”

            “The ceiling,” Aidan replied. “What’s up with you?”

            Nick smirked at him. “Trying to figure out what to do about this David situation,” he said. “I could just have him killed, you know. The Lianetti name carries a lot of weight in Sicily, and all I have to do is make a phone call and pay for a plane ticket—”

            “Stop,” I said. “We’re not having anyone killed. We’re going to be rational adults about this.”

            “I don’t want to be a rational adult,” Aidan said, flicking his tail. “I wanna put my foot up David’s ass.”

            “So do I,” I said. “But that’s not the way to handle this.”

            Nick reached up and scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, you’re right,” he said. “What we need to do, is keep doing what we’ve been doing. We need to keep making music.”

            “We need to release another album,” Aidan said.

            Nick nodded in agreement. “I’m going to start working on some songs. If you guys come up with anything, let me know, and we’ll work on it.” He paused for a moment, then added. “I did try to call David, but he wouldn’t answer his cell or return any of my calls. I know he got my voice mails.”

            “Don’t worry about him,” I said. “Like you said, we need to focus on making music.”

Chapter Two





            It’s always the ones you least suspect, who screw you over. If a total stranger had been behind all of our problems, I could live with that. But my cousin? My own family? How am I supposed to feel about that?

            When I left the studio, I went home. Nyda wasn’t in yet, so I had the place to myself. With so much idle time on my hands, I figured I could get some writing done. We needed a new album; one that would blow all of our haters out of the water. I had a lot of work ahead of me.



Aidan is not to be messed with…

You tell David,” I began, “If he does anything to hurt Amy, I will rain down on him like a fucking biblical plague.

Yeah, you don’t want to mess with Aidan from Our Lady of Righteous Rage. I’ve had a few readers tell me he’s their favorite character from the “Our Lady” series, and it’s no wonder. He’s funny, sarcastic, and very protective of the people he cares about. Get to know Aidan and the rest of the “Our Lady” cast in “Rowdy”, the third book in the series, coming at the end of October!

The World Ending in Fortune’s Wing

Here’s some info on the upcoming Fortune’s Wing: Flies Again, the third and final installment of the series. I’ll try not to provide any spoilers!


The question in FW isn’t whether or not the world will end, the question is how. The next question is, will it be reborn, or left in the dust? This is what Fortune Oyama has to decide. As Adam reminds him as he sets off for his journey, “The world is ending”. Most readers are probably thinking, “Well, of course Fortune won’t let the world end! That would be crazy!” Of course, if it was that simple, then I wouldn’t have written the story. Fortune is going to have to make a very difficult decision, and surrounding factors are going to make that decision even more difficult. Think about the world for a moment: try to look at it from the point of view of someone who, oh, let’s say, ISN’T FROM EARTH. I know how crazy that sounds, but just try it. You arrive here, and while you do see some people living in peace and harmony, you also see racism, murder, destruction of the environment, etc. Do you see where I’m going? From the point of view of an outsider, this may not look like a world worth saving.

Here’s another way to look at it. Think of the city or town you live in. List all of its positive and negative traits. Now, imagine you have to sell someone on the idea of moving to your town, and you have to tell them all of the good things and the bad things. What if the bad things outweigh the good? What if the bad things, are really bad? Could you still convince someone to move there anyway?

This will be Fortune’s dilemma. Save the world, as crooked as it is, or destroy it? Keep it just the way it is, or change it? And change it into what? If you want to know what he decides to do, you’ll just have to stay tuned…

Sneak Peek at “Black Queen; Killing Machine”

I’m currently working on 3 manuscripts now, and I’d like to share a little sneak peek at the upcoming “Black Queen; Killing Machine”, another book in the “Valentine Apart” series, featuring Jo Fuentes, who I introduced in the third Valentine book. Enjoy!


Roger Plankman could feel the blood rushing to his head, as he dangled six flights up, over the side of the motel. Jo had a vice grip on his ankles, but every few seconds, she would lower him, then raise him again. He heard her groan, then he felt her tighten her grip even more. “He’s getting heavy, Kelly,” she whined.

            “I know, I know,” Kelly said. She put one foot up on the edge of the building, and leaned forward, with her hands resting upon her thigh. “What’s it going to be, Roger? Are you going to tell me what I want to know, or am I going to have to let Jo drop you?”

            “I don’t know anything!!” Roger insisted. “I swear!”

            Kelly rolled her eyes. “This is becoming very tiresome.”

            “Tell me about it,” Jo muttered.

            “So, you’re not going to cooperate?” Kelly asked.

            “I don’t know anything!” Roger declared.

            Kelly sighed heavily, stood up straight, and waved her hand. “Oh, just drop him,” she said.

            Jo shrugged, and release both of Roger’s ankles. He yelled as he plummeted towards the pavement below. He landed in a heap beside a dumpster. Jo leaned over the edge and looked down at him, and gasped. “Hey, look!” she said. “The fall didn’t kill him.”

            Kelly stood beside her and looked down at where Roger had fallen. She saw him move his head, and one of his hands tried to reach up, towards them. “Oh,” she said. She reached into her waist band, and pulled out her hand gun. Pointing it down at Roger, she fired a single shot, and struck the center of his chest. “Yes it did,” she said, flatly. “Let’s go.”