Monday Blog: From Novocaine to Another Shot of Novocaine: How Has Erin Changed?



Greetings, everyone! Welcome back to the Monday Blog. This week I wanted to talk a little about how Erin, the main character in Another Shot of Novocaine, has changed since her last stand-alone book.

In Novocaine, you met Erin when she was a fresh-faced (and fresh-mouthed) teenager. The story begins when Erin is seventeen, and graduating from high school. She and her mother decide to listen to Erin’s Uncle Nikos and move from Virginia to Georgia, with the promise of a new life. Things quickly turn sour, and Erin finds herself facing some new and unexpected challenges. Over the course of a few years, she makes new friends, gets a boyfriend, and lands a fantastic job working for Our Lady of Righteous Rage.  She transforms from quiet, worried teenager, into a young adult who is finding herself and is less afraid to speak her mind.

Erin’s personality in Another Shot hasn’t changed very much since the end of Novocaine.  She’s still bold, and still a punk/Emo. She has learned to navigate her new job, and she’s become even better at it. All of the events she dealt with in Novocaine are going to help her face her greatest challenge: reconnecting with her estranged father.

I debated on how to have Erin react to the news her father gives her in Another Shot. Should she be alarmed, or excited, or happy? Then, I asked myself, how would I react? After reading Another Shot, I think you’ll find Erin’s way of dealing with the situation suits her personality.

Another Shot of Novocaine is coming soon! Until next Monday…


Our Lady of Righteous Rage Gets “Rowdy”

Wonderful news, everyone! “Rowdy” has been published and is finally available for sale! You can purchase a copy through Amazon for now. I will have copies available to order via within the next few days. This is the third book in the “Our Lady of Righteous Rage” series (the fourth book in the franchise), and the eleventh book I have published. I wanted to delay the release date until November, so that my 11th book would come out in the 11th month of the 11th year I have been interested in punk rock.

I hope anyone who reads “Rowdy” enjoys it, and I’ll keep on writing!

Preview of “Rowdy”

“Rowdy”, part three of the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series, is coming out at the end of the month. Here’s a little preview: Chapters 1-2. Enjoy!


Chapter One



            I was sitting on the couch inside the recording studio at Urban Collective, scanning an article in Alternative Press magazine. If anyone had asked me what the article was about, I couldn’t have told them. I wasn’t reading it; not really. There were words and pictures on the page, but all I could see was red. I’d never been so pissed off in all my life. My friends and I had been busting our asses to make a name for our band, and my idiot ex-husband was working to destroy it all! Who the hell does that?

            “Did you know Kurt Cobain died on my sixteenth birthday?”

            I looked up from the magazine to see Aidan, sitting across from me on a stool, scrolling through his phone. He looked up from the screen and smiled at me. “That’s pretty trippy, right?”

            I shook my head and sighed. “I’m sorry, Aidan,” I said. “I completely forgot you were here. I’m still so angry about this whole thing with David.”

            “I know,” Aidan said. He slid his phone into his back pocket, and clasped his hands in his lap. “So, what are we gonna do about him?”

            “I don’t know yet,” I replied. “Nick said he wanted to talk to David, one on one. And Rob…well, Rob just wants to kick his ass.” I set the magazine down on the cushion next to me. “So does Jon.”

            “Well, you can add my name to that list, too,” Aidan said. “Piece of shit. What was he thinking?”

            I shook my head at the idea. “To think we used to be friends,” I said. “I mean, I always believed we would still have that, you know? I believed, even if we didn’t work out as a couple, we could at least hold on to our friendship. I guess I thought wrong.”

            Aidan smiled at me. “David never knew what he had when he was with you,” he said. “That’s why he’s so pissed off. He lost the greatest thing that ever happened to him.”

            “Aidan?” I said, feeling my eyes becoming watery. “Dude, don’t say stuff like that! You’re gonna make me cry.”

            “It’s the truth!” Aidan insisted. “Losing you fucked him up.”

            At that moment, Nick walked in, and plopped down beside me. “Hey,” he said, with a sigh. “What’s up?”

            “The ceiling,” Aidan replied. “What’s up with you?”

            Nick smirked at him. “Trying to figure out what to do about this David situation,” he said. “I could just have him killed, you know. The Lianetti name carries a lot of weight in Sicily, and all I have to do is make a phone call and pay for a plane ticket—”

            “Stop,” I said. “We’re not having anyone killed. We’re going to be rational adults about this.”

            “I don’t want to be a rational adult,” Aidan said, flicking his tail. “I wanna put my foot up David’s ass.”

            “So do I,” I said. “But that’s not the way to handle this.”

            Nick reached up and scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, you’re right,” he said. “What we need to do, is keep doing what we’ve been doing. We need to keep making music.”

            “We need to release another album,” Aidan said.

            Nick nodded in agreement. “I’m going to start working on some songs. If you guys come up with anything, let me know, and we’ll work on it.” He paused for a moment, then added. “I did try to call David, but he wouldn’t answer his cell or return any of my calls. I know he got my voice mails.”

            “Don’t worry about him,” I said. “Like you said, we need to focus on making music.”

Chapter Two





            It’s always the ones you least suspect, who screw you over. If a total stranger had been behind all of our problems, I could live with that. But my cousin? My own family? How am I supposed to feel about that?

            When I left the studio, I went home. Nyda wasn’t in yet, so I had the place to myself. With so much idle time on my hands, I figured I could get some writing done. We needed a new album; one that would blow all of our haters out of the water. I had a lot of work ahead of me.



Aidan is not to be messed with…

You tell David,” I began, “If he does anything to hurt Amy, I will rain down on him like a fucking biblical plague.

Yeah, you don’t want to mess with Aidan from Our Lady of Righteous Rage. I’ve had a few readers tell me he’s their favorite character from the “Our Lady” series, and it’s no wonder. He’s funny, sarcastic, and very protective of the people he cares about. Get to know Aidan and the rest of the “Our Lady” cast in “Rowdy”, the third book in the series, coming at the end of October!

#TBT: Before They Were Rockstars

I like to think of some of my characters as actors and actresses: I used to move them around, from series to series, casting them in different roles. Most of the cast of Our Lady of Righteous Rage, appeared in two of my science fiction series: “Enos” and “Degenerate R”. Both series featured characters who could transform and use special powers to fight evil. I recently came across a poster I drew sixteen years ago, for the “Enos” series. Featured on the poster, are Nyda Summit, Amy Edwards, Vanessa Vance, Carmen Portez, Yvonne Vance and Delfino “Dee” Seybrook. All six appear in the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series. EnosCivilianPoster

#TBT: Anatomy of a Song

Hello, everyone! Since its Throwback Thursday, I decided to upload one of my old blog posts. This one is about Our Lady of Righteous Rage. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 12, 2014: Anatomy of a Song w/ Our Lady of Righteous Rage

One of the most important elements of Our Lady is music, and by music, I mean the lyrics to the band’s songs.  The first full set of lyrics to appear in the book, are the lyrics to “Wish You Well”.  It’s the song Amy writes in reference to her father.  In reality, it’s a song I wrote for my father.  The line, “I wish you well”, sounds like she’s wishing her father luck.  The truth is, she’s being sarcastic.  She doesn’t wish him well at all.  More or less, what she’s trying to say is, “Hey, you were never around when I needed you, but I’ll move on, so forget you”.  The lyrics, “This would be so easy/ If you were just deceased”, doesn’t mean she wishes her father was dead.  What Amy is referring to, is if her father was dead, at least that would be an excuse for him not spending time with her.  The fact that he is alive and well and just doesn’t see her, makes the situation harder to deal with.  Another important song in the book (and my personal favorite) is “Come for the Wake, Stay for the Funeral”.  Amy writes this song after her mother’s aunt’s funeral.  Disgusted by the way her family is acting during the wake and at the burial site, Amy begins to view the service as a sort of “Spectator Sport”.  The opening lyrics to the song, “All you spectators please gather ‘round/The dearly beloved is barely in the ground” relates to the conversations Amy overhears during the service: people simply wondering if the aunt left them anything in her will.  No one seems to care that she is no longer living.  In reality, I wrote this song in 2009, after my mother’s Aunt Dorothy passed away.  Same situation: people just wanted to know who would get her house or her money.  Next, is Nick’s song, “Smoke and Glass”.  The complete lyrics do not appear in the book, however, the song is a tribute to September 11th.


The lyrics that the characters write in the story run parallel with the events in their lives. But, this is what most songwriters do: use the events in their lives as inspiration for their music.  I suppose this is true for writers of any sort.  Charles Dickens is a good example.  Some of his best work involves young men born into unfortunate circumstances, and later, their lives turn around for the better.  I wrote the lyrics for all of Our Lady’s songs, and bits and pieces of my life can be found in the lyrics.

B-Fest Results




Saturday was my very first book signing. The event took place at the Barnes and Noble at Bay Plaza in the Bronx. The store was kind enough to take a chance on a self-published author, and ordered 30 of my books. By the time my portion of the event was complete, 24 out of the 30 books were sold! Anyone who purchased a copy of Valentine, received a copy of Valentine 2 from me for free! It was so much fun meeting new people and making new connections, and I especially enjoyed meeting young writers. I’m looking forward to helping them get started in the self-publishing industry any way I can. Thank you again to everyone who came out to the Bronx, purchased a book, stopped by my table, or simply liked my posts online. There aren’t enough words to express what your support means to me.

Pictures from B-Fest will be posted on the Woolaston Entertainment Facebook page later today. I’m happy to announce, I have been invited to return to Bay Plaza for an upcoming event! Autographed copies of Valentine, Our Lady of Righteous Rage, and Our Lady of Righteous Rage: Extended and Uncensored are still available at Bay Plaza, or you can order unsigned copies online or through the store. Plus, you can always order copies of any of my books directly from me.