Monday Blog: Secrets of the WE Series (little known facts)

Welcome back to the Monday Blog! This is the final posting for the month of July. To finish off the “When A Series Comes to an End” theme, I wanted to share some little known facts about each series.


Fortune’s Wing:

Both Demetri of FW and Rafferty of Valentine share the same character design. Their characteristics were inspired by Joseph Mascolo, the actor who played Stefano DeMera on the daytime soap, “Days of Our Lives”.

Fortune’s Wing was the first W.E. book to use humans as characters.

Verdonna was inspired by Hinoto from the anime film, X.

On the cover of the first book, there is a light shining from within a cave in a mountain. The light was created with a White-Out pen.

On the cover of the second book, the clouds on the Earth were created by stretching out cotton balls, which were later glued to a hand-drawn image of the Earth.


Book one if the Valentine series, were originally written as 2 separate books.

Val’s pink hair was supposed to be blond, with pink highlights. While working on the illustration for the first edition of the book, I accidentally colored all of her hair pink. But it was a happy accident.

The image of Val that appears on the first edition of book one, was meant for another book I was working on.

Valentine was inspired by the anime series(s) Noir and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

At five feet eleven inches, Jo Fuentes is the tallest female character in the series.

Jo Fuentes is the first LGBTQ WE character to appear in a PUBLISHED book.

Our Lady of Righteous Rage:

One of Amy’s songs, “Come For the Wake, Stay For the Funeral”, was originally written in 2009.

Before appearing in the Our Lady series, Amy, Dee, Vanessa, Carmen, Yvonne, Nyda and Erin all appeared in my sci-fi super hero series, “Enos”.  Rob was the lead character in the super hero series, “Degenerate R”.

When Amy was first created, her name was Charlotte.

Vanessa is named after my aunt, Vanessa.

Speaking of the unpublished W.E. books, Amy has appeared in more books than any other W.E. character.

Part of Amy’s character design was inspired by Emeraldas from the anime, Queen Emeraldas, and Fam from Ruin Explorers.

Benjamin Cardozo, Rob, David, Amy and Dee’s high school, was my mother’s high school.


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Notes on Your Fame Will Destroy You

Hello, everyone. If you’ve been following me, then you probably know by now, each month I choose a different theme for my website, This month’s theme is all about the Our Lady sequel: Your Fame Will Destroy You. In this book, the members of the band Our Lady of Righteous Rage learn about the high cost of fame.  I have posted a few brief notes about the book here:


The Cover:

The image on the cover of Your Fame is a combination of six images: Amy’s eye, a side profile shot of Aidan, a news article about Rob, a news article about Aidan, an Our Lady set list, and Billie Joe, my Epiphone Les Paul. If you look close enough I’m sure you’ll see all six (it’s like playing Where’s Waldo?).


The Characters:

The original cast from the first book has returned; some have much stronger roles. For example, Mike is now the manager for the band. Erin, who was introduced at the end of Our Lady, (and who starred in her own book, Novocaine) has more of a presence as well. There’s one new character: Logan. Logan is an employee at the Urban Collective, and one you’ll want to keep an eye on. Jon, Amy’s adopted son, along with his friends Olivia and Phillip, have more speaking roles this time around.


The Story:

Your Fame deals with some heavy subjects. One of those subjects is mental health. Another is family ties. Each member of the band will have a personal crisis of some sort, which, ordinarily, wouldn’t be very important. However, because they’re becoming more and more famous, everything they deal with seems to make its way into the spotlight of the media. At the same time, they continue to work to make a name for Our Lady of Righteous Rage, and play as many gigs as possible.


The Music:

Of course, a new Our Lady book means new songs. I have included lyrics to Our Lady’s new music, which they play at their “gigs”. The songs tie into the themes presented in the story (mental health, etc.).


Want to read a sample? Here’s a link:

Next week, I’ll discuss the characters a little more in depth. Until then, happy reading, everyone!

“Our Lady” paperback now available


Yes, yes, at long last, “Our Lady of Righteous Rage” is now available to read. I recently published it as a Kindle book, but now it is also available as a paperback on Next month, I will be running a promotion on my website, I will be posting blogs related to “Our Lady”, and running promos on Amazon and Goodreads. Interested? Well, here’s what the book is all about:

Becoming a great guitarist and being a member of a band: those are the hopes and dreams of a young cat-girl named Amy Edwards. Amy and her friends spend their days hitting up record shops in search of vinyl and listening to their favorite bands. But as the group begins to grow up, things between them begin to change. Childhood dreams may not be just dreams anymore; there’s a chance Amy and her friends might make it big. However, not everyone in Amy’s life seems to be on her side. Will the music be enough to help them succeed, or will the pitfalls of adulthood stand in their way? Set in New York during the beginning of the new Millennium, and written in the style of William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying”, this is a story of love, friendship, and rock n’ roll!

Enter to win a signed copy between March 6 and 8 on!

Self-Publishing Thru Queens Public Library

Wednesday, November 12, 2014: Self Publishing Thru Queens Public Library

Welcome back, everyone! This week’s blog is for my fellow indie writers: those of you who have self-published your work, or are thinking about self-publishing.  One of the challenges I face as a writer, is simply getting people to read my work.  Gaining exposure can be difficult.  Thankfully, I came across a wonderful resource which may help solve that problem: The Queens Public Library.  For those of you in NY, or at least familiar with NY, my wonderful state is broken into 5 boroughs (“counties” in other states).  There’s Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island.  I live in Queens, and I use the Queens Public Library ALOT.  A librarian recently informed me, QPL has a new program, where writers can publish their work in the form of an ebook, and make their work available for patrons to borrow through the library system.  You won’t receive any royalties for this, but it is a great way to gain some exposure.  I have decided to participate.  Below, is a link to the QPL site, where writers wan upload their work for consideration:

I strongly recommend this.  When you upload your work, you also have the option of including  a link to a website, if  a physical copy of your book is available for sale.

Next week: The birth of Our Lady of Righteous Rage, and the 20th anniversary of Woolaston Entertainment! (yes, my creation is turning 20!). Until next week…

Blog from Woolaston Entertainment: Valentine Apart Series

Thursday, October 23, 2014: Valentine Apart

Happy Thursday, everyone! Welcome back to the weekly blog on Woolaston This week, I’d like to share a little info about a new series I’m working on. It’s the “Valentine Apart” series. Simply put, this series will focus on characters in the Valentine series aside from Val herself. There are currently two working titles: Allan & Mac, and Her Name is Lola Vencent.

Allan & Mac

These are two characters you won’t be familiar with, but they will play very important roles in Valentine 3, when it becomes available. They’re a pair of siblings and hit men as well. Their methods of carrying out their hits are a bit unorthodox (example: Mac’s idea of drowning an alcoholic in a tub of beer, to serve as an ironic death). Despite Allan and Mac’s chosen profession, the story itself is a dark comedy. The pair finds time in between jobs to have sarcastic arguments with one another over who makes a better hit man. There are some dramatic elements as well, such as the strained relationship between the pair and their father, and the question of whether or not they’re “doing the right thing”. Even if you’ve never read Valentine, I believe you’ll enjoy it.

Her Name is Lola Vencent

You already know Lola Vencent. She’s Rafferty’s former valkyrie. She a close friend of Val Entienne, aka Valentine. She’s also pretty good with a gun. This arc of the story takes you back in time, to Lola’s college days, her friendship with Barbara O’Riley, and the events that led her to work for Rafferty in the first place. Although both stories take place before Valentine is introduced, Her Name is Lola Vencent serves as more of a prelude to the Valentine series than Allan & Mac.

I’m hoping to make both books available before Valentine 3. I think both will provide more insight into the characters who are already in the series, and those who are about to be introduced.

Until next week…..