Greetings, everyone. June has ended; July is here, and this is the first blog entry for the month of July. I struggled to come up with a theme for this month, mainly because I was struggling with something else. I have begun the drafts for Valentine 5 and Righteous, and I paused one day to realize, I was writing the final books in two of my series. Valentine 5 will definitely be the last book in the Valentine series, while Righteous may or may not be the last book in the Our Lady series (I may publish another companion book somewhere down the road). I had this same problem when I published Fortune’s Wing: Flies Again. Something that has been part of me for so long, is finally coming to a close.


Valentine 5

I have a subtitle in mind for this last book, but I may not use it. I’m still exploring other options. In the meantime, this is it! Everything in Val’s life, has been leading up to this point. Its time for the final showdown between Val Entienne and John Rafferty. The only way for this to end, is for one of them to die…



Amy and company have grown together, as friends, business partners and as a band. Now, they’re going on tour for the first time, and preparing to show the rest of the country what they’re really made of. With David’s band touring at the same time, you can imagine, things are going to get ugly…


SO, this month, I’ll discuss the end of Valentine, Our Lady, and I’ll go back and revisit Fortune’s Wing. Until next week…


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Hello, everyone. Here we are: another Monday, another Monday Blog. This week’s entry will be a short one. We’ve come to the last Monday in June, so I’m just going to wrap things up.


The sequel to Novocaine, titled Another Shot of Novocaine, is now available for sale thru and I’m thinking about hosting a giveaway, in which the winner would receive both books (it just makes sense to give away both the first book AND the sequel). We’ll see.

I’m currently working on Valentine 5, and Righteous. I expect to have Righteous ready for the editing phase within the next two months. Valentine 5 may take a little longer, since it will be the final book in that series.

Our Lady of Righteous Rage: Extended and Uncensored has earned 3 reviews on Amazon! Yeah! You can read them here:

Next week kicks off a new month for W.E, which means a new theme, which I still haven’t decided upon! (blargh!!!). But I’m working on it. Until then, please feel free to forward all of your questions and comments, via the Contact Page on Tootles!

Greetings, everyone. It’s another Monday, so it’s time for another Monday Blog. I’m happy to announce Another Shot of Novocaine is now available for sale on Amazon’s website, as well as the Create Space store. I’m considering holding a giveaway on Goodreads, and if I do, I will also give away a copy of Novocaine. This way, the winner will be able to read the first book as well as the sequel.

Like its predecessor, Another Shot serves as a an “in between” story for the upcoming Our Lady book. In this case, it’s Righteous. The story takes place just after the band has made the decision to go on their first national tour. Erin has a little personal issue with her father, and she’ll have to deal with it before she leaves with the band.

Available here:

I hope everyone who reads Another Shot enjoys it. Until next week!



Greetings, everyone! Welcome back to the Monday Blog. This week I wanted to talk a little about how Erin, the main character in Another Shot of Novocaine, has changed since her last stand-alone book.

In Novocaine, you met Erin when she was a fresh-faced (and fresh-mouthed) teenager. The story begins when Erin is seventeen, and graduating from high school. She and her mother decide to listen to Erin’s Uncle Nikos and move from Virginia to Georgia, with the promise of a new life. Things quickly turn sour, and Erin finds herself facing some new and unexpected challenges. Over the course of a few years, she makes new friends, gets a boyfriend, and lands a fantastic job working for Our Lady of Righteous Rage.  She transforms from quiet, worried teenager, into a young adult who is finding herself and is less afraid to speak her mind.

Erin’s personality in Another Shot hasn’t changed very much since the end of Novocaine.  She’s still bold, and still a punk/Emo. She has learned to navigate her new job, and she’s become even better at it. All of the events she dealt with in Novocaine are going to help her face her greatest challenge: reconnecting with her estranged father.

I debated on how to have Erin react to the news her father gives her in Another Shot. Should she be alarmed, or excited, or happy? Then, I asked myself, how would I react? After reading Another Shot, I think you’ll find Erin’s way of dealing with the situation suits her personality.

Another Shot of Novocaine is coming soon! Until next Monday…


Greetings, everyone! Welcome to the first Monday Blog for the month of June. I’m releasing the sequel to Novocaine this month, so the blog posts will mainly revolve around this new book.


Another Shot of Novocaine

This story takes place between Rowdy and the upcoming Righteous. Erin is preparing to go on tour with Our Lady of Righteous Rage in March of 2013. However, someone from her past decides to resurface: her father, Aaron Michaels. He’s the lead singer for the band, Metal Hills. Erin finds herself looking forward to reconnecting with him, until he tells her something very disturbing.

Much like the other “side stories” from the Our Lady series, you can read this book independently of Our Lady, Your Fame Will Destroy You and Rowdy. However, if you have read the other books, that helps. While there aren’t any song lyrics in this book, I believe readers will enjoy Erin’s humorous outlook on life.

Another Shot of Novocaine will be available within the next two weeks. Until next Monday…

Hello again, everyone. Welcome back to the Monday Blog. This is the last posting for the month of May. This week, I’d like to talk about Rowdy, and the upcoming fourth installment of the Our Lady series, Righteous.



Everyone has a vice. Everyone has a weakness. Everyone faces challenges in their lives. The members of Our Lady are about to find out, just how difficult those challenges can be. Dealing with their new found fame proves to be more challenging than the band originally thought, and Nick and Aidan find themselves slipping into dark places. Nick develops a case of writer’s block and begins to drink, while Aidan finds himself smoking (not cigarettes). Amy and Rob try to hold everyone together, even though a rumor about Amy joining another band begins to circulate. The only way for everyone to get over their problems, is to return to the very thing that brought them together in the first place: their love for music. Amy has another issue to deal with: her ex, David. Both of them are musicians now, and both of their bands are making their mark.

Just like the rest of the books in the series, there is new music available, in the form of song lyrics. Our Lady releases a new album towards the end of the story. Two of my favorite “tracks” are “Broken Country” and “Backstabber”. This summer, I’m planning to actually record some of Our Lady’s songs.





This story will pick up where our last one left off: Our Lady is preparing to go on their first national tour! Their primary competition, is David’s band, Stereotype, and they’re going on tour as well. Both bands will have to find a way to keep the peace, since they will be playing gigs in the same cities at the same time. Plus, the members of Our Lady are going to need to unleash their inner rock Gods (and Goddess) in order to give the best shows of their lives!

I’m still fleshing out the details for Righteous, so it won’t be available to the public until October. Sooner, if I can help it.



 Next week marks the beginning of the Monday Blogs for June. I haven’t decided on a theme yet, but I’m leaning towards devoting the month to Another Shot of Novocaine, since it will be available then. See you next week!

I wanted to share the last chapter from “Novocaine”, simply because I like the way Erin, the main character, summarizes her story. Enjoy!


           Some of the greatest stories I’ve ever read, ended with some deep, profound quote. Something that was meant to strike the very heart of the reader, and leave a lasting impression. I don’t think I have that in me.  I’d like to be deep and profound, but let’s face it.  I’m twenty-one.  How deep and profound can I be?

            I guess I should just pass on some of the things I’ve learned. Bad shit happens, but you can get through it, if you really want to.   If you don’t like who you are, you can reinvent yourself. Become a whole new you.  Once you figure out who you are, embrace that person and own them.  One hundred percent. After all, Oscar Wilde, my favorite author, once said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

“Novocaine” is available on, and


Welcome back to the Monday Blog. This week, it’s the sequel to Our Lady of Righteous Rage, Your Fame Will Destroy You. The title comes from a line from the song, “The Photograph Kills”, by 300 Odd Foot of Grunts (aka: Russell Crowe’s band).

Your Fame Will Destroy You

Amy and company, are gaining a little fame. The band is doing more and more shows, and sales at the Urban Collective are doing very well. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t happy about this. There’s someone from Our Lady’s past, working against them. Each time the band’s career takes a step forward, something comes along to push them several steps back. For example, Rob’s brother develops mental problems, someone decides to harass him.

Spoiler Alert!

If you’ve read Our Lady of Righteous Rage, you’ll be familiar with Amy’s ex-husband David. There’s another character who resurfaces as well, and you’ll need to keep your eye on him. He’s going to become very important to the rest of the series. I won’t reveal his name here, but he is revealed at the end of Your Fame.


Babbling of the Irrational

It’s official! I am a contributing member of the literary blog known as Babbling of the Irrational. I have had a few pieces published on this site, but every other month, I will have a new piece available for you to read. If you haven’t read the material on this blog, please check it out! Babbling of the Irrational can be found here:


Next week: Rowdy, and the upcoming Righteous




Happy Monday, everyone! From now on, I will repost the Monday Blog from, on this WordPress site. This week, I wanted to talk about Novocaine.  This book is part of the Our Lady of Righteous Rage franchise, but it’s not a numbered book in the series. It’s more of a companion book. Even if you haven’t read the rest of the series, you can read Novocaine without getting totally lost.

Novocaine follows Erin, one of the characters in the Our Lady series, as she and her mother make a decision to move to Georgia to be closer to their extended family. This is shortly after Erin graduates from High School. She’s excited by the idea, at first, until everything goes to hell. Her uncle (her mother’s brother) made a faulty investment, and it may cost him his house. Erin and her mother find themselves without a place to live, and manage to make it from Georgia to New York. There, Erin eventually gets a job working at the Urban Collective, where she meets the members of the band Our Lady of Righteous Rage.

One of the most interesting aspects of Novocaine, is Erin’s transformation over the course of the story. She goes from bookish-nerd, to scared teenager, to bad-ass Goth/Emo chick. Many of the events that transform her, transformed me as well. That is to say, while this is a work of fiction, there’s a lot of truth weaved into this story. A great example, is how Erin is introduced to the music of Green Day. Her experience mirrors my own: using the power of music to get through a difficult time.

I don’t want to give the impression that Erin is just some brooding teenager. She’s dealt a pretty rough hand in this story, but she handles it the best way she knows how. In the upcoming sequel, Another Shot of Novocaine, Erin is a little older, a little wiser, and not afraid to speak her mind.

Next week: Your Fame Will Destroy You