Sample of “Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep”

Here’s a sample of one of my upcoming books, Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep,coming later this year. 🙂



Jo stood to the side of the boxing ring, watching the two young women sparring. Only one of them was wearing a pair of gloves. The other was wearing focus pads on her hands, while coaching the other woman on how and where to hit. They moved about in a circle, in the center of the ring. The trainer kept encouraging the woman to hit the focus pads harder and harder. Finally, they stopped, and took deep breaths.

“You did much better today,” the trainer said. She was a  petite Black woman with short brown hair, dressed in a pair of tights and a cut-off t-shirt, with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo on it. “Okay girl, take a break. Get some water.” The other woman nodded, and climbed out of the ring.

Jo lifted her head. “Hey, Ruthless.”

The trainer looked over at her in wide-eyed surprise. She approached Jo’s side of the ring, and cocked her head to one side. “Fuentes?” she said. She removed the focus pads and let them drop onto the floor of the ring. “Jo Fuentes. Well, I’ll be damned. What are you doing here?”

“Ruthless Ruthie Henshaw,” Jo said. “I’m here to see you.”

Ruthie climbed down from the ring. When she stood in front of Jo, Jo was suddenly reminded of just how short she was, compared to herself. “Damn, you’re short.”

Ruthie smirked at her. “Everybody’s short next to you, you freak’n Amazon,” she said. “So, what are you doing here? I get the feeling this isn’t a social call.”

Jo shrugged. “You always had good instincts,” she said. “I came to check on you. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” Ruthie said. “I’ve been working at this gym for about two years now. The Corps let me go, and I needed to do something, so I came here.”

“Yeah, they let me go, too,” Jo said.

“So, what are you doing now?” Ruthie asked.

I guess you can say, I’m doing what they trained me to do,” Jo said.

Ruthie stared at her for a moment. “What do you mean?”

Jo looked around before she answered her. The other people in the gym seemed occupied with their own activities: jumping rope, sparring with one another, lifting weights, etc. Jo leaned forward slightly, and said, “You know. Our training?”

Ruthie shook her head curiously. “Our Marine training?”

Jo sighed softly and shook her head. “The other training.”

Ruthie’s shoulders seemed to stiffen. “I try not to think about that,” she said, in a low voice.

“But you do remember?” Jo whispered.

Ruthie looked around, then gestured for Jo o follow her. They walked off of the floor down a hallway, and into a cramped office on the right. Once inside, Ruthie closed the door. “I don’t think about any of that,” she said. “I don’t talk about it, either. I don’t want any trouble.”

“Ruthie, they did something to us,” Jo said. “They trained us to be assassins, then must have tried to erase our memories. But I remembered some of it. In fact, I used what I learned to kill eight men in under sixty seconds in Iraq.”

Ruthie took a step back. “After the training?”

“After they tried to erase my memory,” Jo said. “But they didn’t get rid of everything. I can still remember being in a classroom with you and other soldiers. I can remember being trained to do some pretty horrible things.”

“What brought you here, Jo?” Ruthie asked. 

“I need answers,” Jo said. “And someone doesn’t want me or anyone else from our class to remember anything.”

“I’ve been trying to keep things quiet,” Ruthie said. “But the truth is, I remember all of it. I woke up one morning, and came in here to work. While I was training this guy in the ring, I started having flashbacks. Hand to hand combat training. I had to stop, and step out of the ring, because I suddenly realized, I could have killed the guy I was training. I mean, I knew how to.I could have killed him with my bare hands, and that scared me.”

Jo sighed heavily. “You’ve got to watch your back,” she said. “If they’re keeping an eye on me, they’re gonna keep one on you, too.”


I Hate Admitting I Want the Patriots to Win Superbowl 53

Superbowl 53 is on Sunday, and people are already choosing sides. Are you with the Rams or the Patriots? No one ever seems to want the Patriots to win. But, hey: when you’re good you’re good, right?

Considering the missed call from the NFC Championship game, the Rams probably shouldn’t be going to the Superbowl. This should be the Saints vs the Patriots. But here we are, with a Rams-Patriots game, nonetheless. So, who will I be rooting for? The Patriots. There. I said it.

Do I believe the Saints were cheated out of the Superbowl? Yes. Do the Rams deserve to be there? Maybe, maybe not. There’s something to be said about a franchise with a QB who has taken them to the top nine times—nine times! 

Put the NFC Championship missed call aside. Put Deflate Gate aside. Put aside all the BS and all the crap everyone has been saying, and just ask yourself a question: are the Patriots a good team? My answer is yes. So, hell with it, I hope they win. And, I hope they win by a wide margin. 

Celebrating the Valentine Series in February

With February only hours away, what better time to celebrate the Valentine Series than during the month that also celebrates Valentine’s Day? The series is made up of five books, and a secondary series, Valentine Apart, which currently contains four books (I’m working on the fifth book). February will be all about Valentine: the books, the characters, plus updates on the upcoming Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep, and the next Valentine series, Valentine R. And I may throw in a few discounts on books, too!

Three in the Works

While I have five books planned for 2019, there are three I am currently working on, one of which I hope to have published by the beginning of March. I wanted to share an update on where I am in  those three books. 

Rock N Role Model

Amy and company have returned home from their first national tour, and are working on their next album. They come across a channel on YouTube, where a young fan post videos of her covers of songs. The funny thing is, she looks an awful lot like Amy. Amy decides she wants to meet this young fan, and when she does, she discovers they have a special connection, she never saw coming.

Jo Fuentes: Project Sleep

Jo Fuentes, the Marine turned hit woman, has earned a reputation within the Syndicate as one of the most dangerous hitmen around. She is the Black Queen. Jo has been having flashbacks of the training she underwent while working for the government, but now she wants to more about her past. Exactly what were they training her to do? After all, every soldier can’t kill eight people in under one minute. The deeper Jo digs, the uglier the truth becomes. She even discovers, she may be responsible for the destruction of an entire town.

The Witch of Fulton Lane: The Age of the Daughter

Dylan Maycriss has decided to forgo being a solitary witch, and is in the process of building a small coven, which includes her Aunt Cass, cousin Lilith, and her neighbor Josie. Josie, the newcomer, is learning all about Witchcraft, spell-casting and tarot card reading, while Dylan’s personal abilities seem to strengthen. This seems to be drawing some unwanted attention from members of a cult. At the center of the cult, is a teen girl, who claims she needs Dylan’s help. Dylan is trying to decipher if this girl’s pleas are genuine, and what the cult really wants with her. 

Rock N Role Model will be the first book for 2019, so stay tuned!

Old School Writing

Like many of my fellow writers here, I have a day job, which ties up much of my free time. My previous day job came with some useful perks: computers with Microsoft Word, internet access, and downtime, which gave me the freedom I needed to write. This current job, doesn’t have any of those perks. So, I try to make the most of my free time when I can, when it comes to writing.

Not having computer access during those eight to nine hour work days, is kind of a drag. But, I did manage to find a silver lining. I bought a fresh notebook, and when I had a quiet moment at work, I started working on a draft of Rock N Role Model, the next companion book in the Our Lady of Righteous Rage series. So far, I’ve written sixteen chapters and 132 pages. Considering that I work five days a week, and my commute to and from work is a bit time consuming, this is actually pretty good for me. Any progress is good progress.



With Woolaston Entertainment’s 25th anniversary taking place this year, I’ve been reflecting on how W.E. came to be in the first place. Handwriting books for myself, is a major part of W.E.’s creation. It’s kind of nice to go back to that old-school method of working on a rough draft for one of my next books. I intend to complete this handwritten draft, before I begin typing anything. 

I hope you all have a progressive week. 

So, the Rams won…

Yes, yes: if you watched the NFC Championship game, you know the Rams beat the Saints. I really wanted the Saints to win, but when the game went into overtime, I became a bit concerned. In the end, the Saints lost, by a lousy three points. 26-23. But hey: at least they lost to a good team. Despite the results, I’m happy for the Rams. They’re going to Superbowl 53. Right now, as I am writing this, I’m watching the AFC Championship game. Will the Patriots win, or the Chiefs? I have no clue at this point. But by the end if tonight, I guess we’ll all know who will face who in the Superbowl.